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President of DIKO: Suggestions for “e-Cyprus”

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DIKO President Nikolas Papadopoulos said on Friday that Cyprus has lagged behind in terms of the use of technology in relation to e-government and the infrastructure of the economy, presenting his party's suggestions for “e-Cyprus” and announcing a conference aimed at highlighting the presence of technology companies in Cyprus, Monday, November 1st.

“Despite the creation of the Ministry of Innovation, which was a move in the right direction, there is still a lot to be done if we really want Cyprus to enter the 21st century,” he said, adding that it was time “to address the gaps immediately and focus. to the challenges as well as to the opportunities that Cyprus and the local economy have, proceeding in a timely, smart and correct way to the development of digital technology “.

He went on to say that the absence and lack of planning keeps us stuck, while the complexity of the legal framework, the incomplete interconnection of information systems and fragmentation of responsibilities, the endless tenders that go beyond the cycle of technology renewal end up in outdated products. neither the citizen, nor the business, nor the public official.

Mr. Papadopoulos then referred to the comprehensive e-Government program that DIKO has prepared and submitted to the competent State Ministry, under the title “e-Cyprus” based on specific parameters, such as the creation of a government website for all ministries / departments / services with the removal of 188 separate government websites.

It also suggests a special platform (Portal) for Civil Servants where all the announcements concerning them, all the circulars, all the manuals and all the bidding procedures will enter, a Special platform for Citizens and Businesses to be able to apply for permits, certificates, allowances, and certificates, modernization of the legal framework, automated exchange of data and information, so that a single data entry by citizens is required for all services.

DIKO's proposal also includes automatic checks and automatic actions to avoid unnecessary requests, he continued, adding that in the context of promoting and ensuring the implementation of DIKO's proposals, the party's policy production teams will organize next Monday, November 1st, highlighting the presence of technology companies in Cyprus, which are particularly important for the local economy.

Finally, he expressed the belief that Cyprus can develop into a digital technology business hub, attracting companies that specialize in this field.


Source: www.philenews.com

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