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President of Elementary School Parents: It's a shame that schools close due to weather

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It is a shame to close the schools depending on the weather conditions and the announcements of the meteorological service, the president of the Pancypriot Confederation of Federations of Associations of Parents of Primary Schools, Renos Koumis, told KYPE, saying that “we are unacceptable”.

Asked if they agree with today's decision by the Ministry of Education to suspend classes at 10:45 due to the high temperatures that would prevail, Mr Koumis said that “of course we agree”.

“It was after and the consent of ours, of the organized parents all over Cyprus, all the Provinces. Our decision was unanimous. Difficult day today,” he added.

In response to a related question, Mr. Koumis said that the problem should be solved by installing air conditioners.

“What we are asking is for the three years to be shorter than the one announced by the Minister. To give importance to the schools where the air conditioners must be immediately installed and the rest to follow. It is a shame in the years 2024 to close the schools depending on the weather conditions and the announcements of the meteorological service. We are unacceptable”, he noted.

When asked if they will seek a meeting with the competent bodies and the Ministry of Education to discuss the issue again, Mr. Koumis said that “we can sit down in a discussion with the competent authorities , with the Ministry, with the state to see in the future if there will be – which seems to have come so that the high temperatures will remain – such difficult periods, to enter the protocol even to close the School”.

“We are not ruling this out. The fixed position is to install the air conditioners so that we don't have to close schools, but until their installation is done if it occurs again, there should be this particular solution as an alternative. But we are at the disposal of both the Ministry and the competent bodies to discuss this issue”, he concluded.

Source: politis.com.cy

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