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President of Ukraine: We will defend our country with or without partners

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“We will defend our country, with or without the support of partners,” said Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, calling on both the European Union and NATO to “be honest” about their intentions for possible membership. his country. Addressing those who support Ukraine in the current crisis, he called for the sanctions to be imposed immediately, as he said “they will not make sense when the bombing starts.”

From the podium of the Munich Security Conference, the Ukrainian President described the security system in Europe as “outdated” and spoke of the need to “build a new system before we find ourselves again with millions dead.” “It no longer exists & # 8220; this war is not mine & # 8221; “The threat is not to Ukraine, but to Europe,” he said. (…) What you give us is your contribution to international security. A lot can be done, we can give you a list. What is needed is a will. “

Answering questions from CNN reporter Christian Amanpour, Zelensky said he was ready to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin. strong>and take part in “any format” conversations. “I do not know what he wants. That's why I propose to meet, “said the Ukrainian president, when asked if he was aware of the Russian president's intentions.As for the attitude of the supporters of Ukraine, Mr. Zelensky appeared dissatisfied with the fact that e.g. in NATO “we are constantly told that the doors are open, but they do not tell us, there are some states & # 8211; members who do not want us? However, no one should believe that Ukraine will forever remain the bulwark between the West and Russia, the Ukrainian President added, noting that his country wants to join NATO, but until then wants a guarantee of its security. “And as long as there is silence, there will be no calm in eastern Europe,” he warned.

Asked to comment on reports of Ukrainian bombings against Russia, Volodymyr Zelensky said he was “lying” and added that “the Ukrainian army is more mature than others” and did not respond to provocations, as he knew the danger. war is great. We do not panic, however, he assured. “We can not say every day that there will be a war tomorrow. How will we live like this? Money will go away, businesses. “Can you live in such a country?” He said emphatically.

Asked “how did you decide to be here today and leave your country?” “the information comes from us”, but also that “we do not want our friends and partners to decide something behind our back”. “I had important meetings” with international leaders in Munich, he added, “I had to be here.” When the journalist insisted, Mr. Zelenski stressed: “My country is in good hands, those of our soldiers and citizens. But I never miss it for long. I had breakfast in Ukraine today and will be back in time for dinner. ”


Source: politis.com.cy

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