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President PASYXE: There is a slowdown in the rate of bookings for summer

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Mr. Thanos Michaelidis expresses concern that 2024 will end at a lower level than last year

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<p>There is a relative slowdown in the rate of bookings for the summer, the President of PASYXE, Thanos Michaelidis, told KYPE, expressing concern that 2024 will end at a lower level than last year.</p>
<p class=In statements after the General Assembly of PASYXE Famagusta held in the marina of Agia Napa, Mr. Michaelidis said that “the province of Famagusta is one of the most important provinces in terms of the tourism product of Cyprus not only in terms of quality but also in the number of beds that exist. There is this concern about the number of bookings for the summer and as we have mentioned repeatedly we are seeing a relative slowdown in the pace,” he said, expressing concern that 2024 will close at a lower level than last year.

All the hoteliers, he continued, “are making efforts to limit this problem”, such as efforts are being made through the electric campaign of the free province of Famagusta that started last month, as well as with special packages to attract tourists.

Answering a question, Mr. Michaelidis said that the problem with bookings “exists throughout Cyprus. We see that there is a relatively reduced trend in the flow of bookings and there is also an increased phenomenon of last-minute bookings, which is positive, because some bookings are coming, but it makes planning for the rest of the tourist season very difficult,” he said.

To another question, the President of PASYXE answered that “there are efforts to bring tourists from Central Europe and every year there is an improved program, which helps us, but it is not enough to fill the void that was created. The economy of Britain, which is the main market for Cyprus, presents some weaknesses which also have an impact on bookings”, he noted.

Well, he continued, “there are some small ones and some more serious events that limit the number of bookings”.

Asked about the increases in fuel prices and air ticket prices, Thanos Michaelidis replied that “Cyprus will always be a relatively expensive destination and we have to make sure that as Cyprus, not only as hotels, we provide a tourist product and a experience that is equal to what the tourist pays”.

Regarding the efforts for year-round tourism in Cyprus, the President of PASYXE said that “this project to work the state must come and support this effort in order to create the right conditions, so that the hotels can work all year round”.

When asked about the issue of foreign workers, he replied that “there is an improvement in the rate at which applications are approved. Of course, all of us must always aim to improve so that (the approvals) are done even faster because our hotels rely on the human factor”.

There is, he continued, “a global phenomenon of manpower shortage. If we as Cyprus are not fast enough in processing the applications, in order to be able to recruit personnel, as we enter the season, then it will be even more difficult to recruit personnel from third countries”.

For his part, the President of the Ammochos Hotel Association, Panagiotis Konstantinou, described as “constructive” the discussion held during the General Assembly with the members and the President of the Pancypriot Hotel Association and said that “the topic of discussion was reservations, where there seems to be a slight decrease in them. We hope that this situation will improve”, he said.

Furthermore, he continued, the “labour issues that are topical due to the renewal of the collective agreement, green taxation and the prospects and how the situation and the whole scene in the surrounding area will develop. There was also an update on the promotion campaign of the province of Famagusta, which started on April 24”, he said, and noted that the views of the members were heard and will be properly utilized.

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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