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President: The Government will constantly be on the side of the Police

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The Government will constantly be on the side of the Police of Cyprus, making every possible effort for a safe country and society, the President of the Republic, Nikos Christodoulidis, said on Friday in the greeting at the official ceremony for the feast of Agia Irini, organized by the Cyprus Police.

He stated that the Government, from the first moment of assuming its duties, gives due importance, working in a coordinated and steady manner for the staffing, modernization, reorganization and in general the more orderly and efficient operation of the Cyprus Police Force. < /p>

He said that the feast of Agia Irini is a particularly important day for the Cyprus Police and the Police Force in general, while this year's celebrations take on another symbolism, since they coincide with the commemorating 50 years since the barbaric Turkish invasion of 1974.

“It was also in these difficult moments that marked our homeland, the treacherous coup and the Turkish invasion, as of course throughout time and in all phases of our country's history, during which the Cyprus Police and its members vigorously declared the present, at great cost of their sacrifice and offering”, he added. “Within this context, this year, more than any other year, we honor all members of the Police Force of the Republic of Cyprus who fought to safeguard the legitimacy, status and independence of the Republic of Cyprus, who fought, sacrificed, were injured, suffered on duty,” he declared.

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<p>Along with them, he added, “we also honor their families, especially those who still have names, two in the case of the Cyprus Police, who, unfortunately, are on the list of the missing”.</p>
<p> < p>He noted that this day “enforces” the assessment of tribute to all police officers and firefighters, since the Fire Department was part of the Cyprus Police until 2019.</p>
<p>President Christodoulidis stated that, in a privileged society and in a modern rule of law and EU member state, the safeguarding of public order should be very high on the priorities of the country's governance. “Citizens must not only feel but also be safe, since only under such conditions of safety and order, institutions can function properly and smoothly,” he added.</p>
<p>The State, he noted, has always trusted the Cyprus Police to ensure the particularly critical area of ​​public order and security, the protection of human life, but also the property of every citizen. “Given the rise, both at the international and national level, of unprecedented challenges in the fields of security, including asymmetric threats, citizens' expectations and their demand for more security and peace are rightfully becoming greater and greater, and this expansion makes the role of the police officer, the role of all of you, even more important and, at the same time, I fully understand, even more difficult and full of challenges”, he added.</p>
<p>It is a fact, he said, that in today's and continuously <strong> changing socio-political environment that creates new and increased challenges</strong>, which lead to new forms and practices of committing crimes, the Cyprus Police is called upon to undertake this very difficult task and effectively deal with every form of crime that plagues today's society.</p>
<p>“As a State, therefore, we pay everything possible to defend the rights of our Homeland and, at the same time, to defend and safeguard every human right of the citizens of the Republic of Cyprus”, he said. “Our main concern is the preservation of democratic institutions and the strengthening of citizens' sense of security”, he noted.</p>
<p>Addressing the members of the Police, President Christodoulidis said that he knows “very well” the challenges and difficulties they face in the performance of their duties, “while, unfairly, in many cases, you are immediately the target of criticism”.</p>
<p>“The State recognizes your daily contribution to society as a whole, your daily and tireless efforts to maintain order and prosperity, as well as the admirable level of dedication to the accomplishment of your multidimensional and demanding work,” he noted, adding that he owes a big thank you” on behalf of the State to each and every member of the Force. He called on them to continue with the same zeal to serve the Police Force, “maintaining and strengthening even more the already high sense of social responsibility that you possess, but at the same time isolating any negative elements within the Police Force”.</p>
<p>The Chief of Police, Stelios Papatheodorou, in his speech, stated that the 5th of May every year, the day of Saint Irene, patroness of the Cyprus Police, has been established as the best day for celebrations and paying the minimum due tribute and due respect to the fallen Policemen and Firemen.</p>
<p>“This year our debt to our fallen and missing colleagues is even more pressing, as it is 50 years since the tragic events of the Turkish invasion of 1974, with our people still is fighting for a fair and sustainable solution to the Cyprus problem”, he added.</p>
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He also mentioned the building upgrade and construction of police stations in various areas and the construction of the new police headquarters, which, he said, will significantly improve working conditions and the coordination of the departments, since the current building, which &nbsp ; has been erected during the Anglocracy, it is no longer considered suitable.   

At the start of the event, the image of Saint Irene was transferred to the event site, followed by a Mass for finding missing persons and a Memorial Mass for the fallen policemen and firefighters by Archbishop George.

The event included an invitation to Fallen and Missing Policemen and Firefighters and the laying of wreaths.

Present were the Chief of the Greek Police, Lieutenant General Dimitris Mallios, the Minister of Justice, Marios Hartsiotis as well as other members of the Cabinet Council, government officials, parliamentarians, representatives of foreign embassies, among others.

Source: www.philenews.com

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