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President: The support of the countryside is a primary goal for the Government

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Supporting the countryside is a primary goal for the Government and it is working methodically in this direction, the President said on Thursday of the Republic, Nikos Christodoulidis in his greeting at the opening of the new offices of the Lythrodontas Community Council.

As President Christodoulidis mentioned, the new offices are a point of reference in the history of the community, but also in general in the events of the Local Government, since with the upcoming reform, they will host the headquarters of the Machiras Complex, “which is one of the largest Complexes created in Cyprus through the reform”.

She noted that the building of her former co-operative community has been granted by the state in 2021 and the Community Council “worked intensively and persistently” so that the new Lythrodonda Community Council Offices would be ready in time before the reform was implemented .

The project that meets all the required building and structural specifications, as he said, while they will also proceed with its energy planning with a grant from the Ministry of Energy, “it will now be a dynamic center for administrative services and, at the same time, it will highlight even more the Community of Lythrodon”.

” As a State, as a Government, we give great importance and priority to projects of upgrading and regional development planning of the countryside and we really hope that the 2024 reform will make a decisive, significant contribution in this direction”, said President Christodoulidis.

“The Government, the Ministry of the Interior and the Union of Municipalities and Communities have worked and are working for the smoothest possible transition to the new data, to the new era, and we are ready and in coordination to face any challenges that may arise through the reform “, he added.

Furthermore, he continued, “every change and every reform is not without difficulties, problems and challenges”.

President Christodoulidis assured that “within the context of our goal and our priority to upgrade the quality of life of citizens living in the countryside, but also to promote regional development and social cohesion, we will continue to make every effort to resolve any problems, but also to upgrade our countryside”.

For the Government, he noted, supporting the countryside is a primary goal “and we are working methodically in this direction”. “Our request and basic mission is how the state ensures that it offers the local population the necessary infrastructure and services that will make the daily life of citizens easier, more comfortable, more dignified,” he said.

He noted that , in recent years the community Lythrodontas, shows an increase in its population, while it is one of the few Cypriot communities in which this increase is observed, which, as he said, “harmoniously combines the feeling of the semi-mountainous environment with the proximity to the urban center”. In 20-25 minutes one is in the center of Nicosia, he said, adding that this particularity makes it stand out as a community. With the opening of the new offices of the Community Council, “essentially it becomes the nucleus and center of the Machira Complex with even more auspicious and more growth prospects”, he added.

The President of the Republic congratulated the Community Council both for renovation work, but also in general “for all the pioneering development projects he has carried out to date” and gave the promise on behalf of the State “that we will always be helpful and supportive for the upgrading of the area”. I believe, he added, that by upgrading Lythrodontas, we are also upgrading the wider region, expressing the belief that Lythrodontas and the wider region will be a model and example for many communities throughout Cyprus.

He also assured that the Government will remain close by in the community, fellow traveler and supporter in the continuous effort he makes to improve the standard of living, for the progress and advancement of the wider region. 

Source: www.philenews.com

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