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Presidential ’23: AKEL and DIKO with two new names on the table – New meeting in the coming days Stefanou with Nikola

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Despite the circumstances of the day, the opposition parties can not afford to let time run without gradually shaping their positions in their consultations for the creation of conditions for cooperation in the 2023 presidential elections.

The leaderships of AKEL and DIKO are expected to continue their official contacts within the week, although as “P” has already revealed, a series of informal and far from the public meetings of Stefanos Stefanos and Nikola Papadopoulos have already taken place. Meetings that bring results, as “P” perceives, even if the signs of success are not fully visible. According to party sources, in a conclusive manner, the contacts clearly give:

  • The withdrawal, at present, of all known names that have been leaked, for which it does not appear to have a consensus, including the proposal of DIKO for the candidacy of the president of Nikolas Papadopoulos.
  • The positive treatment by AKEL of two names – potential candidates – who were put on the table by DIKO and who according to the information are not active executives of the party.
  • The discussions will move quickly to avoid pointless public literature, which creates negative associations in a profession & # 8217; all, fine balance, dialogue.

This is the sequence of developments, results of AKEL's consultations with DIKO so far, and as “P” understands are the new starting point based on which they hope the two parties will lead their consultations very soon to a positive result. sign. The need to speed up the consultations was urgently raised by AKEL from the moment when the party considers – as Mr. Stefanou had stated – that there should be a final conclusion no later than a few days after Easter. Based on this set schedule and given that any candidate name will have to go through the party base, everything should be completed by the end of April, so that AKEL can proceed to its pan-Cypriot electoral conference in early May.

DIKO and EDEK started

Yesterday's meeting between Nikolas Papadopoulos and Marinos Sizopoulos was judged by the two to be extremely positive, while they reminded of their common struggles for democracy and social freedom. The president of DIKO appeared through his statements ready to continue the dialogue with EDEK in order for the two parties to reach a common framework of cooperation for the presidential elections. Obviously, the consultations with EDEK are moving in a different direction and currently have no organic relation with the consultations conducted by DIKO with AKEL. However, it is important that through his statements, Nikolas Papadopoulos delimited the need for change, because, as he stated, “we believe that the country should find its feet again… to regain its lost credibility that has been damaged. lately, but also to restore the hope of resolving the Cyprus problem and to address the risk of division… ».

On the contrary, Marinos Sizopoulos with his own statements limited himself to expressing the will of EDEK for cooperation on the basis of a constructive dialogue “and with the developments as they are formed, so that we can reach the final decisions in a reasonable time”, as stated by the president of EDEK.

Source: politis.com.cy

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