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Presidential elections 2023: Averof Neophytou as president and CEO

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Averof Neophytou has two problems when it comes to trying to get through the first round of the presidential election. The first is called Nikos Anastasiadis who -we do not know if he does it intentionally- continues to support him once and empty him and the second Nikos Christodoulidis who at least so far seems to have a base of 30% within the DISY voters .

The president of DISY, Averof Neophytou, has at his disposal, of course, very powerful weapons: In addition to his program, he supports his campaign on two pillars. First to the strong mechanism of his party that began to move at full speed, second to the strong friends he has in Europe and especially in Greece. A third element that fills the Alarms with optimism is that in all the polls, regardless of percentages, Averof Neophytou has the image of victory. How is this interpreted? Even the Alarmists who are currently voting against him in protest, will probably return to their party candidate, predicts the party's communication staff.


O President Anastasiadis has so far emptied Averof Neophytou twice, despite the fact that he institutionally supports DISY and its candidate, as he said.

Two months ago, and while Averoff Neophytou announced his intention to run as a candidate, the President told Alpha that it was Averoff's question whether he would like to withdraw from the race at some point if he saw that something was wrong with his numbers. Last Wednesday, President Anastasiadis, answering a question about Mavrogiannis' candidacy, stated that he would not be involved in the Presidential elections and that he would not come into conflict with any of his associates, putting Averof Neophytou, Nikos Christodoulidis and Andreas Mairos in the same line. In this way, Mr. Anastasiadis comes – indirectly but clearly – to challenge the DISY line that the other parties have no candidates and are borrowed from the President's associates, trying as a father to treat them all as his children. DISY was almost furious with this attitude not so much for Andreas Mavrogiannis, who was never a member of the Anastasiadis government anyway, but because on this occasion the President found an opportunity to boost, as they say, Nikos Christodoulidis once again. . The voices brought a new corrective statement Anastasiadis on Thursday to tell us that he will not be involved in the election but supports the president of DISY. This is a tactic according to a DISY executive of the style “burn with tea, mix the vinegar”.


Averoff had support from Athens where he took part in the New Democracy conference. Prime Minister Mitsotakis sent a message that he is standing next to him and in this direction on June 16-17 during the DISY conference he will be in Cyprus to address it. In the coming days after the conference, the leader of the European People's Party, Manfred Weber, will visit Cyprus to send the message that the EU looks forward to Averof Neophytou as a European leader without regressions and fully predictable in terms of promoting Europe. .

In this direction, he tried to support Averoff and the European Commissioner Margaritis Schoinas, without a trace of diplomacy, with a report from the podium of the New Democracy conference, which was even done outside the text. European Commissioner and Vice-President of the Commission Margaritis Schoinas left clear tips for Russian intervention in the upcoming presidential elections in Cyprus, “photographing” Nikos Christodoulidis as a Trojan Horse.

In particular, in the part of his position concerning the developments in Ukraine, Mr. Schoinas said: “For 70 days now, the whole European family, together with our allies in America and Asia, have been fighting together against the horrors of war, against to those who kill and liberate civilians, bomb Orthodox Christians, plunder archaeological treasures and send fanatical Islamists to uproot our compatriots from their ancestral homes in the Black Sea, the womb of modern Greece. ” To complete by looking at the president of DISY and presidential candidate, Averof Neophytou: Dude Averoff, I want you to know that we will not let them play games in Cyprus, in the presidential election of Cyprus. Cyprus will remain European and western and you will be the carrier of this great effort and we will be by your side “.


The inelegant, but perhaps not misguided attack of Margaritis Schoinas, also prescribes the way Nikos Christodoulidis is treated by DISY at home and by the EU and the Americans in matters of international politics in the coming months. Everyone, either publicly or underground, will put forward a double argument which can easily be understood by the average Alarm.

* First, Mr. Christodoulidis cannot talk about the work of the Alarm Government and instead of support him to run as an independent candidate to serve his personal ambitions.

* Secondly, Mr. Christodoulidis, judging by the harsh Schina, is not a politician whom the EU trusts and & # 8217; US expansion. He is probably treated as a little Makarios who thinks (like the Archbishop in the period 1963-1974) that he can play with everyone. Unfortunately, as in the period 1963-1974, the West is again in a Cold War period with Russia, with the result that the divergent views of Cyprus are not acceptable.

Neutralization /p>

In DISY after the announcement of Christodoulidis' candidacy, they were discouraged. For many reasons: First because, as they claim, he had nothing to say. A beautiful presentation of ideas was his speech, they say. Secondly, for so many months he was preparing but still has no plan and called on the people to wait until the end of the consultation with the people and the experts he has. Thirdly, because he alone undermines his so-called independent candidacy, since even the day after her announcement he stated to Katerina Iliadis on Politis radio that he is still a member of DISY and supports the work produced by the Anastasiadis government. When asked about the scandals and passports, he replied that he was not in charge as Foreign Minister. He is lying, they are being answered by DISY, especially in the passports, since he himself asked for and took CIPA to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The purpose of this organization was to promote investments in Cyprus with the spearhead of the Investment Program and the issuance of passports. Fourth, because Averoff in the technocratic part is superior to light years than Christodoulidis. In a crucial meeting of 150 actors of the Cypriot economy at the Alasia Hotel in Limassol, Averof Neophytou literally struck a chord, talking about the economy, investments and innovation. In this meeting, at the moment when Nikos Christodoulidis holds meetings in cafes and refuses to enter specialized in the issues concerning the productive classes, Averof Neophytou “convinced even the most skeptics that the Republic of Cyprus, if he is elected, will have a President but he will also have a CEO “according to a person present at the meeting.

He will not be fired

It has been decided by the party that Nikos Christodoulidis will not be expelled, nor will the well-known executives, for the time being, start accusing him of being a renegade and traitor of the party. “He will be divisive on his own, especially if DIKO comes to support him,” they say. return to the party and support his choices “. On the other hand, there is the question of how much Christodoulidis will deflate. Could the Averoff and Christodoulidis candidacies be neutralized if their percentages fluctuate around 20-25% in a few months? In this case, Christodoulidis and Averoff may jointly decide to move to a third unifying candidacy. In DISY, they dutyly exclude this scenario: “The battle will be fought until the end. Until final extermination if necessary. “Averoff will either be elected President or he will go to Argaka to become a pervolar.”

Source: politis.com.cy

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