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Presidential: Karoyan proposal for National Unity Government

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Democratic Party – Cooperation President Marios Karoyan proposed on Sunday that a government of national unity or wider acceptance be formed in the 2023 presidential election, with a joint presidential candidate who guarantees the implementation of a joint governance program, adding that if the proposal does not meet A round of consultations will begin with the certainty that the party will have a say and a role in the new governance of the place.

In his speech at the 1st & nbsp; Cypriot Electoral Conference of the faction, he expressed the position that with the East-West relations, US, Russia and China reminiscent of a new Cold War, Turkey's position as a regional power may be strengthened and stated that in the face of them the data should match the section. & nbsp;

He further added that the Democratic Party encourages, under certain conditions, any initiative for mutually effective Confidence-Building Measures (MOUs), which under the auspices of the UN and the EU will help create the right climate for the resumption of talks, aimed at a comprehensive settlement of the conflict. .

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Referring to the works & nbsp; He said that what we are seeking is for this work to mark the beginning of a new path for the Cypriot people, to whom a new realistic narrative about their future and their children is due.

He defined the character of DIPA, as a party of a new political ethos and style without aphorisms, obsessions and ideologies, with arguments that have the power of logic, without insults, whose members do not address the mood, express creative forces, respond to the challenges of Mr. Karoyan said that it is necessary to adapt the way of thinking and the way of governing to the new reality that is dawning around the world and to structure the economic and social model that invests in human resources and production. value-added services.

He added that policies must be implemented to protect future generations from rapid climate change, desertification, reckless waste of natural resources and overconsumption that multiplies dependence on production centers outside Cyprus, foreign markets and international factors that we can not .

After clarifying that “we do not want the state to become an entrepreneur, nor of course the public sector to swell by drowning the private initiative”, & nbsp; He said, among other things, that DIPA supports the adoption of a minimum wage, the fight against undeclared work, the change of the state's benefit philosophy.

He also referred to the & nbsp; collapse of the existing Health System and an urgent need to put an end to the corruption, entanglement, opacity and problematic functioning of the system & nbsp; administration of justice.

Strong political will is needed, a radical change of mentality, deep cuts in the relations between the citizen-state and the state-economic power, he continued.

2023 the stakes are extremely national.

She then appealed to all political forces to commit themselves to dedicate the next five years to their homeland and its children, to forget any party rivalries and ungrateful Byzantinisms, and for all the forces of the democratic arc to & nbsp; national priorities.

Regarding the proposal for the formation of a government of national unity or wider acceptance, he clarified that the joint governance program should have the main axes of addressing the challenges of Turkey and achieving a solution to the Cyprus problem within the parameters of the UN, the management of the economy as the rule of law, the rule of law, the exploitation of the natural wealth and geostrategic advantages of Cyprus, the reduction of bureaucracy and the introduction of effective methods of dealing with the everyday problems of citizens, the strengthening of the welfare state and the social fabric with more modern and effective policies, tackling immigration.

These axes included the creation of young people's perspectives, in the modern and competitive era, & nbsp; the transition to the era of digital transformation and the practical implementation of the European Green Agreement.

He also said that the proposal is to reach a common political manifesto and common commitment, regardless of any party benefit or cost and its implementation in practice.

Mr. Karoyan also thanked the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe for accepting DIPA.

The Co-Chair of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe, Ilhan Kyuchyuk, in a video message expressed his position that the opportunity to get out of the crisis caused by the pandemic should be exploited. He stated that the Cyprus issue is an issue that is in his heart and a solution must be found for the people of Cyprus on the basis of European and international law that will offer prosperity, freedom and justice to the island. He also said that he expects that in the upcoming European elections DIPA will be represented in the European Parliament.

The President of NEO.DIPA Michalis Ioannou said that the newly established youth organization of DIPA will be a step from which the truth will be heard. He added that the organization wants and will work for a Cyprus reunited without armies and guarantees and added that & nbsp; the young people of NEO.DIPA will be good at projects

The establishment of women's and agricultural organizations was announced during the conference of the faction and the scientific council.


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