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Presidential statement with many ambiguities – He did not know about the sister child, he did not know about the groom

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Presidential statement with many ambiguities - He did not know about the sister child, he did not know about the groom

President Anastasiadis did not tell us anything absolutely new yesterday in his testimony to the research committee on “golden” passports. On the contrary, with the many “I do not know” he tried to pass the responsibilities elsewhere, or even to obscure some facts and to downplay their importance. President Anastasiadis, equating the legal with the moral, tried to justify the gift he received from his friend Saudi Arabia Sheikh, who donated one of his private jets to transport the President and his family to the Seychelles for vacation in August 2018. There was no exchange, said Mr. Anastasiadis, although since 2015 he has distributed a total of 42 passports to members of the Saudi family. In fact, at least one passport that was illegally given to the second wife of his friend Sheikh is under criminal investigation, but the President did not know, as he told us yesterday. He did the same with the conflict of interests with the law firm that bears his name, but also for the nephew of the first lady, Mrs. Maria Adamidou, who was seconded from the Parliament to the Ministry of Interior in 2013, when Mr. Anastasiadis was elected. in the presidency of the Republic. The sister-in-law was involved with the “golden” passports, but the President did not know that she was serving in the office of the Minister of Interior, Socrates Hasikos, saying that she was seconded to the Asylum Service!

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