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Presidential: The big time of the election for AKEL

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The proposal of the Politburo of AKEL for support of Andreas Mavrogiannis for the Presidency of the Republic is led today before the members of the Central Committee of the party, in a two-day session. A session that will give all members the opportunity to take a stand and express their position in a process that is expected to highlight a lot in relation to the follow-up. & Nbsp;

What has been discussed since the day before yesterday is whether there is a case of overturning or rejecting the proposal and proposal for another candidate. On social media but also in private discussions of party members, some reservations have been recorded regarding the name of Andreas Mavrogiannis, which have to do mainly with the fact that in recent years he was a close associate of his position. of Nikos Anastasiadis.

Based on the procedure, this can be done and the members can put for discussion and vote both the name of Achilleas Dimitriadis and anyone else. Party MP Aristos Damianos, speaking yesterday on the noon show of RIK, said that the Politburo discussed the names of Andreas Mavrogiannis and Achilleas Dimitriadis, with the proposal that eventually prevailed being led by a majority to the Central Committee. He also stated that both meet the criteria set by AKEL and these are:

► There should be convergence of positions (not necessarily identification, since these are independent candidates)

► To be and look honest

► To have elements of eligibility

► Not to cause cracks in the party cohesion of AKEL

He clarified that a second name can be proposed before the JV, but also a third name. However, he noted that historically the proposal of the Politburo, regarding the presidential elections, did not change in the Central Committee.

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Information speaks for itself for the intention of a group of members of the Central Committee to submit a proposal for a purely leftist candidacy. If this proposal is approved by a majority, specific names will have to be submitted. & Nbsp;

Of particular interest at the meeting of the Central Committee will be the position of the party secretary general, Stefanos Stefanos, who after presenting the proposal of the Politburo and analyzing its rationale, will then have the opportunity to express in the dialogue and his own of his position, clarifying the scene. The information wants the secretary general of AKEL to have a different position from the proposal that finally won the majority in the Politburo, with party officials rushing to interpret the “defeat” of Stefanos Stefanos the vote in the Politburo, as there is no precedent for not passing a proposal- AKEL parliamentary representative Giorgos Loukaidis recommended patience to the people of the Left, until he heard the rationale of the proposal that will be formulated in the Central Committee of the party for the 2023 presidential elections.

From Monday, the second phase of the dialogue in the party base groups begins, to which the decision of the Central Committee will be led. As part of the dialogue, based on the procedure, members can submit other names for discussion. Some take it for granted that other cases will come to the table in this part of the process, such as the case of party MP Irini Charalambidou, who in an interview with “F” last Sunday stated that if the party leadership and The people of the Left will ask for it, she is ready to give the battle of the presidential elections.

PEO Amphitheater in Nicosia.

Appeal of M. Iliadis to AKEL & nbsp;

An appeal to the leadership and the senior governing bodies of AKEL not to launch final decisions and to take another initiative for cooperation and joint descent in the presidency of all opposition forces, around a candidacy of wide acceptance, addresses the candidate for the presidency. Marios Iliadis. In an open letter-appeal to the governing bodies of AKEL, Mr. Iliadis states that on the occasion of the meeting on the weekend 7-8 May 2022 of the Central Committee of AKEL, which is the statutory supreme governing body of the party, with the sole object of Approval of a motion to the party members for the 2023 Presidential Elections, “I would like to address the members of the House in public and submit some thoughts, which I believe could enrich their thinking.”

Kat ΄ first, he states, “I assure you that I fully respect the party's internal party processes and I have no intention to enter into them and I also acknowledge that the AKEL leadership has so far made intense and sincere efforts to realize the citizens' expectation for a descent of the opposition in the Presidential Elections, united with a common candidate, which would ensure a victorious course in them, so that the great goal of ending this disastrous government that has accumulated so much suffering in the country and the people “. Despite the fact, adds Mr. Iliadis, that these efforts have not yet been able to bear fruit, “I believe that this goal should not be abandoned and that there is still time for additional consultations.”

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