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Preventive measures to protect against mosquitoes are proposed by the Municipality of Nicosia

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ΜΕτρα πρόληψη&sigma ; για προστασΙα απo κουνοyπια προ τελνει ο Δorμος Λευκωσλας

As part of its efforts to ensure public health and the comforts of the citizens, the Health Service of the Municipality of Nicosia invites the public to implement preventive measures for the unwanted appearance of mosquitoes, as well as personal protection measures.

As stated in an announcement, this recommendation is deemed necessary after the recent heavy rains combined with the increase in temperature.

Such measures are repairing or replacing worn manhole covers and properly closing, sealing all wells and checking and covering all water collection/storage containers, especially outdoors (barrels, plastic containers).

Also, repairing or replacing damaged water tanks and sealing them, cleaning the yard and removing junk and wild vegetation and inspecting the yard and emptying where there is water retention ( pot saucers, watering cans, vehicle tires, fountains, swimming pools, etc.).

Furthermore, placement of special fish (kabusia) in the water tanks and placement of mesh protection nets on the external openings of the house (doors, windows).

Also, for the personal protection of everyone, in the open air it is recommended to prefer clothes that cover the skin, to use insect repellent sprays on exposed skin when suitable insect repellent products or candles should also be applied outdoors, always following the manufacturer's instructions for use.

Source: reporter.com.cy

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