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Prisoners react to exceptions to presidential pardons

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Strong reactions among the prisoners were caused by the fact that within the presidential pardons, there were 13 exceptions, which has the result that the majority of the prisoners will not benefit from a reduction of the sentence in view of the election of the new President of the Republic

The same letter

Today we were unofficially informed by the Mass Media that today 21/03/23 the President of the Republic practiced the Constitutional Custom of the Presidential Grace in a way that we did not expect in any case and in any case completely contrary to what had been discussed in a previous meeting. private meeting between the Association and the President.

Despite the Association's letters and the meetings that have been held directly with the Presidential Office regarding the above issue, it seems that the Presidential Office has not taken into account any of the Association's recommendations and the main one appears from what it has finally decided not to have happened any consultation with the Association representing prisoners and their own persons.

Individuals within the Central Prison are treated extremely unfairly and unequally without taking into account the correct factors such as low risk index, reformatory track, personal or family circumstances and the circumstances of the commission of the offences, creating massive discrimination and irreparable harm to all affected inside and outside the Prison.

Despite the fact that the general exclusion of all these categories violates all the principles that we as an Association wanted to be protected, we are able to know that in the end neither were applied since they exist people who, while they should have been excluded, were nevertheless pardoned and even released from prison.

Therefore, it seems that the people who were finally selected to receive a presidential pardon were not selected even on the basis of the criteria that the Presidential wants to present virtually but on the basis of other criteria of which no one knows.

Decisions which as we warned and affect a large group of people outside and inside the Central Prison.

On the basis of the above, the Association has decided to invite the people to mobilizations and demonstrations immediately, the details of which will be announced soon after.

The protests will not stop until we are heard.

Source: www.sigmalive.com

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