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Process cut – sewn to the measures of Ankara

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Process cut - sewn to the measures of Ankara

A process tailor-made for Turkish aspirations in Cyprus and Europe is being promoted by the United Nations. The informal pentagon has been moved to the end of March (while a week ago everyone was talking about the first days of the month) in order to serve the Turkish plans that have long wanted the pentagon to coincide with the European Council.

Both Nicosia and Athens are waiting in their handsets to be informed by Jane Hall Luth about the latest, both in terms of the date of the informal 5 + 1 conference and the place where the five parties will meet.

The Turkish side, by strongly and vertically promoting the position of a two-state solution, is not excluded and deliberately contributes to a climate of uncertainty regarding the question of the five-party system, which is to achieve a result that will pave the way for a final negotiation.


Red lines and initiatives up to the Pentamer Turkish tactics for the informal pentamer Pentamer: Framework, procedure and the Republic of Cyprus

The United Nations had made it clear from the beginning that through the five-party system they want, in addition to the procedures, to have a result that will lead to a final negotiation. However, seeing the existing difficulties, it is possible that they will not rush to convene the informal pentamer.

A development that suits the Turkish plans, in order to coincide in time with a five-party summit of the European Union. Ankara's goal is to be the Cypriot pretext to avoid negative decisions for it, while at the same time it hopes for benefits from the EU. At the same time it wants to hold Nicosia and Athens in order not to press for the EU to take measures against of.

Erdogan put his own special weight yesterday in the attempt to put the Turkish position for a two-state solution on the negotiating table. He maintained that Ankara and the Turkish Cypriot leadership are no longer discussing only a two-state solution. “Whether you accept it or not,” he said and chose to attack Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis on the occasion of his visit to Cyprus.


Source: www.philenews.com

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