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Prodromos and deputies reached a compromise solution for the expansion of the pre-municipal

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The Parliamentary Committee on Education reached a compromise solution for the implementation of the reform concerning the extension of pre-primary education from the age of 4, unanimously accepting two amendments of DIKO and EDEK, as MPs stated after today's session.< /p>

The Committee discussed behind closed doors the issue of the expansion of compulsory pre-primary education, in the presence of the Minister of Education.

Education is not a place for controversy, said the Deputy Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Education and of Culture, Chrysanthos Savvidis.

The area of ​​education, Mr. Savvidis continued, is an area of ​​consensus and today the Parliamentary Committee on Education has unanimously accepted the two amendments, of DIKO and EDEK, which on the one hand ensure that we secure the money from the Recovery and Resilience Fund , but also on the other hand we throw a mantle of protection towards the public school.

“So everyone is satisfied. We are moving forward for a strong public school, we are moving forward to raise the money and on the other hand we are helping families so that their children can have access to public education for free”, he added.

The DISY Member of Parliament , Giorgos Karoullas, in his statements said that hopefully the Parliament's Education Committee reached a compromise solution for the implementation of the reform, which concerns the expansion of pre-primary education from the age of 4.

“The contacts we had developed as DISY together with the other parties participating in the Committee, on the basis of amendments submitted by colleagues from other parties, led to the clear definition of the operating framework of this reform. POED also agrees with the arrangements that we have incorporated into the text of the bill for the regulation. Therefore, today's teachers' protest outside the Presidential Palace becomes unnecessary. We have satisfied their relevant concerns”, he added.

With this reform, Mr. Karoullas continued, which will be sent to the Plenary next Friday, December 2, 1,800 households will benefit, with €12.2 million, which is part of the Recovery and Resilience Fund and concerns pre-primary education to starts from the age of 4 for the development of skills in the children, the citizens of tomorrow while simultaneously supporting the working life of the parents.

“We hope that this principle that is made in matters of education for Cyprus Tomorrow, will be successful to the maximum extent possible for the creative tomorrow of our country and we proved today as the Education Committee of the Parliament that in a creative way we can consent to the implementation of the great of this comprehensive reform”, he added.

AKEL MP Christos Christofidis, in his statements, said that AKEL regrets the fact that the amendment tabled by AKEL was the amendment, which clearly ensured the character of public compulsory education, it was not adopted by the Education Committee.

“Certainly, this amendment will also be submitted to the Plenary. We completely agree that compulsory, public, pre-primary education should be extended to four years. However, the window opened by the Ministry of Education, for the first time to allocate part of public compulsory education to the private sector, creates serious problems and complications”, he added.

From there on, said Mr. Christofidis. , “it's damage management that we do, if we want to be honest with ourselves and especially with the citizens who listen to us”.

“We will continue the effort in order to fully guarantee the right of all children to public compulsory education. This can be done; Of course, it can be done, by covering the current needs, by converting the community kindergartens into public ones and utilizing the available or other classrooms that exist in our communities and schools”, he said.

The Member of Parliament of EDEK, Andreas Apostolou, said in his statements that they have stated this many times that it is through consensus that they find the solutions, adding that today in the Education Committee they have discussed, in the presence of the Minister of Education, the bill for the downward reduction of pre-primary school, which will result in compulsory pre-primary school from the age of 4.

“On the one hand we allow the Ministry of Education to proceed with its plans, receiving the money from the EU, so that it gradually extends the pre-primary until 2026 and on the other hand we have tabled the amendment, which was unanimously accepted by the Education Committee and by the Minister of Education himself, so as to bind the Ministry that from 2026-2027 and later all children will attend public kindergartens in their region”, he added.

Therefore, continued Mr. Apostolou, the Ministry of Education, in addition to the commitment to implement the program of the Recovery Fund, will also have the commitment to implement the program of gradual expansion and upgrading of the infrastructure of public kindergartens.   

Democratic Faction – Cooperation Member of Parliament, Alekos Trifonidis, in his statements said that in today's session the Parliamentary Committee on Education and Culture examined the extension of compulsory pre-primary education from the age of four , where the Committee unanimously agreed with this extension on the condition that in the coming years education in public and community kindergartens will also take precedence and when there are no places in them then only children will be enrolled in private kindergartens.

“This grant through the Recovery and Resilience plan is around €12 million and the effort was and is to disburse this money for the benefit of education and without losing a single cent. The Education Committee unanimously made these amendments with the perspective that in 2027 the Ministry of Education will have all the infrastructure to absorb all children in the public sector”, he concluded.

Source: www.reporter.com.cy

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