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Prodromos answers for the Pre-Primary and blames the Parliament and parties

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The Minister of Education raises the gauntlet and responds to the voices and reactions that have arisen, after the law on the extension of Pre-Primary to the Supreme Court, who blames Parliament and parties , for the amendments they had voted for. 

As Prodromos Prodromou states in his written statement, in relation to statements made publicly about the cancellation of the expansion of pre-primary education, the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth simply reminds that pre-primary education from the age of four would already be a fact, if the bill originally submitted to the House of Representatives had been approved.

“There was a problem because of purely unconstitutional provisions that some parliamentary forces added to the Parliament. It is also a fact that the planning made for the expansion cannot proceed, due to the refusal of the same political forces to accept the impeachment of the unconstitutional law, made by the President of the Republic, on the basis of the opinion of the Legal Service”.

Mr. Prodromou added that “with this refusal of the specific political forces in the Parliament and their own fault, at the same time the possibility that had been secured for financing the transition period, for the expansion from a European project with funds of 12.2 million euros, was also canceled , since some representatives of POED and AKEL disparaged it as “coupons”. 

Parents and teachers oppose Prodromos It is recalled that the parents and teachers issued a joint statement, in which they indicated that incorrect manipulations by the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth and the Government are undermining the expansion of compulsory pre-primary education.

POED and the Organized Parents of Pre-Primary Education express their dissatisfaction with the latest developments concerning the gradual expansion of Compulsory Pre-Primary Education, so that it covers three years for children aged 4 and over.

“The Ministry of Education and the Government undermined, through their mishandling, an education policy, whose philosophy is correct, since it has a positive impact both educationally and socially and has ended up, unfairly, in a field of conflict… If the Ministry of Education had proceeded with the right people plans, utilizing and strengthening the structures of the Public School, none of this would have happened”, they add.

At the same time, they state that they expect the next Government and the new political leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to manage the issue with due seriousness and to immediately proceed with the expansion of Compulsory Pre-Primary Education downwards, as soon as possible and through the public structures (strengthening of the existing of Public Kindergartens and conversion of Community Kindergartens to Public).

Source: www.reporter.com.cy

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