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Prodromos is waiting for PtD for Pre-Primary – He is also asking for assistance from Savvidis

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The assistance of the Legal Service will be requested in the event that the Law should come into force in order to determine whether there is a possibility of real implementation, said the Minister of Education, Sports and Youth Prodromos Prodromos on Saturday, regarding the provision included in the Law on Elementary and Middle of Education and which refers to the compulsory attendance of pre-primary education in public kindergartens.

Answering a question on the subject on the sidelines of a professional career day in Nicosia, Mr. Prodromou said that there was nothing else to add about the effort to extend pre-primary education from the age of four. “There is a legislation that the Parliament has decided, it is now up to the President of the Republic, in the next few days, to decide after the impeachment has been rejected, if he will refer this Law to the Court”, he added.

“I will I can only say that if this Law should come into force, we will immediately need the assistance of the Legal Service to see if there is any possibility, because, at first glance, there is no possibility for it to be actually implemented”, he concluded.

It is recalled that Mr. Prodromou had expressed a strong reaction to the Plenary's decision not to accept the impeachment of President Anastasiades for the relevant legislation, after he indicated that it is unconstitutional for parents not to have a choice for their children, who will study.

At the same time, organized parents and the teachers' union are also awaiting the decision of President Anastasiades, with the president of PEOD, Myria Vasileiou, stating that, after the announcements by the President, they will consider their next steps. “If the position of the FOED was adopted, from the beginning when this bill was promoted, then we would not have these issues that arise at this moment. For us, the issue is clear. The downward expansion of pre-primary education is of course important and has a positive benefit both pedagogically and socially, and certainly if this policy had been planned from the beginning, if it had been carried out by the public school structures, today we would not have all these issues” , he said.

The parents are also waiting for the President's decision and as stated by the president of the organized parents of Preprimary, Ioannis Ioannou, they are in constant communication with the Minister of Education to provide specific clarifications on the matter. “The clarifications we requested are regarding the control of private kindergartens, the timetables that will be implemented, the selection criteria for children who will be divided into private and public kindergartens. What we told the parents is to contact their school authorities and get informed,” he said.

Source: www.reporter.com.cy

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