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Prodromos tore Kemal Ataturk – He avenged him, withdrew him and made him disappear!

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Prodromos tore Kemal Ataturk - He avenged him, withdrew him and made him disappear!

One spasmodic move after another seems to be made by the Ministry of Education, as after the alalum that resulted from the original instruction that gave a specific page to be torn in an English textbook referring to Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, it decided to withdraw the entire book until to resolve the issue! The uproar arose when English language instructors were instructed to tear off page 36 of the Oxford Discover Futures Level 3 book before distributing it to high school sophomores, as reports included. They referred to Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, who was described by the writers as “the greatest hero of Turkey”. It is pointed out that the message was sent to the teachers' e-mail addresses late Tuesday afternoon, with the indication URGENT and in order for the instruction to be executed before the book reaches the hands of the students of the Secondary Education, who returned two days ago to the classrooms for the new school year.

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As soon as the instruction given by email and sms to the teachers to tear the specific page became known, a general upset and tension prevailed at the limits of the alalum, as no one took responsibility… and the minister traveled to Athens. The Ministry of Education, after hours of embarrassment, hastened to issue a statement, in which it stated that it had found a reference to an English textbook used in B 'Lyceum, through which Mustafa Kemal Ataturk is praised and promoted as a model of' leadership '. In fact, he stressed that “the name of Ataturk and the Neo-Turks is synonymous with crimes such as the Armenian genocide, which is unequivocally condemned by our country, as well as by large democracies such as the United States, France and many others. . As even with the genocide of the Pontians and Assyrians, but also the criminal “liquidation” of Hellenism in Smyrna and elsewhere. Therefore, it is not possible to accept in the textbooks reports that promote or even praise his personality and “leadership”. Much more in view of the anniversary, in 2022, 100 years since the Asia Minor Catastrophe and the persecutions against Hellenism “.

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The Ministry of Education withdraws the English book with reference to Ataturk, after the uproar from the instructions for tearing the page 36…

Alalum to the Ministry of Education regarding who gave the instructions to ask teachers to tear a page of a book referring to Ataturk!

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