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Prodromou throws the ball at the President on sex education

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Ρiχνει το μπα&lambda κι στον Πρόεδρο ο Προδρόμου για &tau ;ην σεξουαλικor διαπαιδαγoγηση

The decision on the law on sex education rests with the President of the Republic, said the Minister of Education, Sports and Youth (YPAN), Prodromos Prodromou, on the sidelines of a press conference on the evaluation of of male and female students in Secondary Education, which took place on Monday at the Ministry of Education.  

Asked about the possibility of recalling the law on sex education in schools, Mr. Prodromou said that an opinion of the Attorney General is not a matter of persuasion. “If there is an opinion of the Attorney General, it is up to the President of the Republic to examine the matter and make his decisions”, he added. 

In addition, the MFA stated that “but the matter is not only legal. The issue, he pointed out, “is that from the previous school year we started methodically teaching sex education at a young age, so as to give the children the knowledge to protect themselves as much as possible against the malicious actions of adults”. 

“Making a decision that it will be introduced in all grades from a certain date raises some questions”, indicated Mr. Prodromou, adding that preliminary work and discussions must be done and that the Ministry of Education has its own plans . 

The MFA reiterated that the President of the Republic will examine the legislation and decide whether to refer the law, stressing that the big challenge is to restructure the program schedule to include this issue. “We will wait for the decisions to be made by the President of the Republic on this issue, as well as on the amendments made by the Parliament regarding pre-primary education”, he concluded.

They are asking for the removal of immunity of Themistocles 

At the same time, the Environmental Movement is requesting an investigation into the homophobic delusion in Parliament on the part of MP Andreas Themistokleous, calling on the Attorney General to proceed with lifting his immunity. 

As they state in their announcement, “Andreas Themistokleous once again proved who he is by unleashing insults and vulgar insinuations against our President Charalambos Theopeptos for the proposed law regarding the mandatory conduct of the sex education course at all levels of education . The independent MP's attacks were not limited to the Chairman of the Movement but through his speech on the said bill – he expressed his racist and homophobic views by insulting people of the LGBTI community and minorities”. 

< p>At the same time, the Movement condemns the “drain of racist and vulgar language from the floor of the Parliament”, as it typically reported, while calling on the “General Attorney to intervene and implement the anti-racist law on hate speech and discrimination and also to investigate the very serious possibility of committing a criminal offense on the part of the serial delinquent Member of Parliament, so that he can apply to the Supreme Court for the lifting of his immunity. After all, it is not the first time that this particular member of parliament has behaved in this unacceptable way, since we have seen his sexist, offensive and aggressive behavior in the past, towards our parliamentary colleague Ms. Efi Xanthou and our former Member of Parliament Mr. Giorgos Perdikis . We must finally show zero tolerance for any extreme behavior that aims to silence and discriminate between the sexes.”

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Source: www.reporter.com.cy

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