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Profits for Nicosia from “Amalthea”

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Κeρδη για Λευκωσiα απo την «Αμàλθ εια»

The persistence of Nicosia until the end in an initiative for which it knew from the beginning everything depended on others, and a change of approach from the USA, brought “Amalthea” to implementation. After another intense diplomatic background in the last few days, the green light was given and already the first cargo is on the ship that will go to Gaza.

According to diplomatic circles in Nicosia, a turning point to enter the humanitarian corridorin implementationfrom Larnaca to Gaza was Washington's stance as it took shape in recent days. Joe Biden's post and the US President's report to the State of the Union on the transfer of humanitarian aid to Gaza via Cyprus gave the green light for things to take their course.

It was an important momentum both for Cyprus and for the European Union more broadly. The presence of the President of the Commission in Nicosia, where together with President Christodoulidis, they visited all the places where they will be used for the purpose of transferring the aid, has a special semiological significance for Cyprus. Ursula von der Leyen's statements, in addition to praising President Christodoulides, that “they intend to rely on this model to provide significant assistance by sea”, are essentially also a response to the direction and Brussels from where, until recently, various voices questioning the Cypriot initiative could be heard.

Diplomatically, Cyprus is constantly confronted with Turkish attempts to prevent aid through Larnaca. Diplomatic sources told “F” that in the last 24 hours there was a mobilization by the Turkish Foreign Minister, Hakan Fidan, who tried to convince Washington, while he publicly tried to discredit Cyprus for allegedly being a weapons supply base for Israel. strong>

However, apart from the planning and contacts of the KD, mainly with important players in the region but also the regular communications with Israelis and Palestinians, yesterday was an opportunity to make many in Nicosia smile. In addition to the implementation of the entire effort, the Cypriot side also measures the diplomatic benefits from the whole development. Like the unprecedented for Cypriot data communication between Nicosia, London and Washington on the one hand and with Cairo, Ramallah, Jerusalem, Riyadh, Amman and the UAE, on the other. It is noteworthy that the British claimed the host to have a role with Nicosia giving consent to be included in yesterday's joint statement of the five countries.

But beyond the diplomatic dimension of the matter for Cyprus, the whole thing is important venture and from an economic aspect with the purchase of products which were to be included in the first humanitarian aid packages to the Palestinians of Gaza. But even then it is not excluded that there will be benefits from the purchase of raw materials that will be used in Gaza.

The US intends to proceed by military means with the construction of a platform at a specific point in Gaza which will facilitate the transfer of larger amounts of aid. Until the American projects are completed, which have already been approved by Israel, the aid will be transferred through the American NGO World Central Kitchen which is already active in Gaza, has its own network and is able to facilitate the whole process . In fact, as we are informed, the organization in question has already chartered a second ship for the same purpose.

The first cargo has already been inspected and loaded and within the next 24 hours it is expected to start its journey to Gaza. The inspection was carried out by the Cypriot authorities with the participation of Israeli observers. Nicosia's responsibility for cargo ends up to 12 nautical miles. From there on, other much stronger players take over.

President Christodoulidis declared yesterday “we are united in a common vision to alleviate the humanitarian tragedy of the civilians in Gaza”. With Ursula von der Leyen noting the need for a “humanitarian respite that will lead to a sustainable cease-fire” assuring in all directions that there can be no forced displacement of Palestinians.

She welcomes Israel. and invites others too

Israel welcomed the opening of the maritime corridor from Cyprus to the Gaza Strip, noting that the Cypriot initiative will allow for an increase in humanitarian aid, as the press representative of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Lior, wrote in a post on the “X” platform Hyatt.

“Israel welcomes the opening of the sea corridor from Cyprus to the Gaza Strip. The Cypriot initiative will allow an increase in humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip, after security checks are carried out according to Israeli standards.

He added that “Israel will continue to facilitate the transfer of humanitarian aid to the residents of the Gaza Strip in accordance with the rules of war and in coordination with the United States and our allies around the world.” It is very important, he emphasizes, “that other countries also participate in the Cypriot initiative and in the international effort to transfer aid”.

He thanked those who worked

The President of Nikos Christodoulidis of Democracy.

In his written statement, the President also expresses his thanks to all those who contributed to this cause.

The President extends special thanks to the Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Konstantinos Kobo and his team consisting of the Political Director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ms. Thessalia Salina Sambou, Ms. Andrea Petranyi and Maria Pilikou, as well as Mr. Piero Pieris, Costas Fitiris, Neophytos Karkotis, Haris Chrysostomou, Chrysilios Chrysiliou, Andreas Charalambidis, “who since October have worked methodically and with zeal to draw up an integrated business plan, the Cypriot initiative “Amalthia”, which contributes catalytically to addressing the humanitarian crisis in Gaza”.

Source: www.philenews.com

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