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Project Monitoring Body for terminal – “It will be the eyes of the Ministry”

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“The Ministry's eyes will be on the project and indeed in the field, on the ground and not in the offices”, emphasized Mr. Papanastasiou

ΦορΕας Παρακολο yθησης Eργου για τερματικo - «Θα ε λναι τα ματια του Υπουργελου»

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A Project Monitoring Body for the monitoring and supervision of every matter related to the construction of the liquefied natural gas receiving and regasification terminal in Vassiliko is recommended within the Ministry by the Minister of Energy Giorgos Papanastasiou after today's resumption of the construction works of the terminal.

“To strengthen and create trust between the parties that there is proper and appropriate monitoring of the project, the Minister and his team create a Project Monitoring Agency within the Ministry, an Agency that will have the knowledge and training to be able to supervise and to monitor the project and at the same time be able to work in all directions with the powers that the Minister will grant him”, said Mr. Papanastasiou in a statement to the KYPE, while regarding the new timetable for the completion of the project, he said that this will be filed by the construction company within the next week or the week after.

The Minister of Energy together with the President of the Republic visited today the construction site in Vassiliko, where they were given a tour and informed by the construction company about the progress of the project.

Regarding the Project Monitoring Body, Mr. Papanastasiou explained that it will consist of 1-2 engineers who are able to understand exactly what is being done and who will be in charge of monitoring and supervising the project and will be in constant contact with the Ministry, DEFA and ETYFA and the manufacturing company. They will also manage any disputes that arise. “We will not let the differences grow and create relationship problems,” explained Mr. Papanastasiou. whether it is an invoice that remained unpaid because there was no approval, all this will be monitored by the Agency, so that the bureaucracy is also limited and the project is not delayed further”, he noted.

ΦορΕας Παρακολ οyθησης Eργου για τερματικo - «Θα ελναι τα ματια του Υπουργελου» /></p>
<p>“This Agency will be the eyes of the Ministry in the project and in fact in the field, on the ground and not in the offices”, emphasized Mr. Papanastasiou, clarifying that the Agency will not interfere with the contractual obligations of the two contracting parties. </p>
<p>In response to a question regarding whether there is now a new schedule, the Minister of Energy stated that “the new data is that we have inherited another two months of delay, so the schedule that was indicated then, although it was realistic, today is not possible to meet” .</p>
<p>He added that “we are currently awaiting a new schedule, which the construction company has promised to file within the next week or the week after.”</p>
<p>Commenting that the resumption of work creates expectations, Mr. Papanastasiou stated that “exactly the reason it creates expectations is because we have lost expectations since the time when people hear about a natural gas terminal and see nothing”.</p>
<p >Explaining that the issue of electricity is very high on the Government's agenda, the Minister of Energy indicated that this project needs good management, and the management concerns both sides, both the Chinese consortium and the side of DEFA and ETYFA.< /p> </p>
<p>With regard to a possible financial difference between the two sides, the Minister of Energy noted that he himself identifies such an object in the matter of the terminal pier. “There is no difference anywhere else and that's why we're focusing on that one item called the jetty, to see what happened, what we put in the bids and what's being built,” he said, explaining that if there is a difference between what was awarded as a bid with what is manufactured because that is how it was indicated to the manufacturing company, “then we bear the responsibility” but if what is included in the offer is what is manufactured then it is a matter for the manufacturing company to resolve it.</p>
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