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Promoting cybersecurity and resilience in the face of today's adversities

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In light of recent events, the Cyprus IT Business Association (CITEA), a member of the OEB, reaffirms its commitment to a secure cyberspace, business continuity and resilience to challenges, while emphasizing the vital role its members play in protecting and developing public and private sector.

We express our serious concern and concern over the recent cyber-attacks on government services, on the ever-increasing number of such incidents on businesses, as well as the unfortunate incident at the Data Processing Center (DPC) of the Ministry of Finance.

Cyber ​​attacks are a global phenomenon that is currently on the rise. Cyprus, like many states, has to face an ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats, from which government and private organizations have been affected even in developed states despite the increased security measures they apply.

The recent breaches, as well as the KED incident, are a stark reminder of the urgent need for strong cybersecurity and business continuity measures, as well as comprehensive disaster recovery planning.

CITEA strongly believes that a proactive approach, coupled with collaboration between all industry stakeholders, is vital to protecting our nation's Critical Digital Infrastructure and maintaining public trust.

It is a common finding that, as far as technology is concerned, our state is not at the level it should be. However, we recognize the initiatives and the significant effort made in recent years by the Deputy Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy and the IT Services Department and the progress that has been achieved, as reflected in the relevant indicators. An effort that we must recognize and support. However, in no case should this support be taken as a compromise or tolerance on the part of the Association. Especially with regard to cyber security, there are serious weaknesses that must be effectively addressed and the necessary staffing of government services immediately available.

The public must know that it will take time to correct all the mistakes of the past and to upgrade our country technologically. It is also necessary to allocate the required resources, funds, as well as legislative sections that will allow the Deputy Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy and the Department of IT Services to act with flexibility and speed in the challenges, escaping from the typical time-consuming procedures of the government apparatus.< /p>

Technology, like risks, is developing at a rapid pace. The response rates of the government apparatus do not keep pace with this development. Low budgets and limited investment in modern Digital Technology, time consuming processes and lack of clear strategy and vision have brought our country to where we are today.

CITEA urges all stakeholders including of government authorities, businesses and citizens to come together to address the pressing issues of cyber security and disaster recovery. By working together, we can strengthen our defenses and infrastructure and minimize the impact of potential future incidents on our nation and our businesses. In this direction, CITEA develops specific actions for its effective assistance.

Source: eurokerdos.cyprustimes.com

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