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Promotions cut short before retirement – ​​Guilds ready to react

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The possible implementation by the Government of its intention to prohibit the promotion or appointment of employees 18 months before their retirement will be a cause of “war” for civil servants and their unions.

The issue was discussed, among other issues, at yesterday's meeting of the public sector trade unions (except EQUALITY). All the trade unions that participated in the meeting agreed that if the Government submits such a proposal to Parliament, the very next day the workers will take strike action. They will, as we were told, engage in dynamic mobilizations, as they believe that the rights of workers are directly affected.

The General Secretary of PASYDY Stratis Matthaiou,stated that all trade unions agreed that they would not accept the setting of an upper age limit for promotions.

The bill

A few months ago, the Department of Public Administration and Personnel (TTTDP), with a letter to PASYDY, informed it about the intention of the Ministry of Finance to promote a bill to establish an upper age limit for appointment or promotion in the Public Service. In particular, to limit the right to appointment or promotion for a period of 18 months before the completion of the compulsory retirement age of civil servants.

The TTDP sent the relevant letter requesting the official positions of PASYDY. “The purpose of this regulation is for employees to have a reasonable period of service in the position to which they are appointed or promoted before they retire from the Public Service, at least 18 months, taking into account that the approximately four months cover a period of pre-service leave of employees, for the better staffing of services and their more efficient operation” emphasizes the TTDP in the letter, which “Φ” reveals.

At the same time, he notes that this specific regulation is legally permissible, given that the harmonization law on Equal Treatment in Employment and Work, which adopted relevant European directives, allows exceptions. “Specifically, Article 8 of the law provides for different treatment based on age, (which) does not constitute discrimination if it is objectively and logically justified by a legitimate aim, while it is specifically provided that the different treatment may include the establishment of an upper age limit or the need reasonable period of employment before retirement” emphasizes the TTTDP.

Reaction from PASYDY

PASYDY's response was immediate, expressing in a letter its disagreement with the Government's intention, arguing that this is arbitrary and violates the essential constitutional rights of employees, as determined by the relevant decisions of the Supreme Constitutional Court.< /p>In fact, citing the Public Service Law, he emphasizes that government employees have the obligation and the right to perform their duties until the last day of their retirement. It also indicates that a similar attempt was made in the past to prohibit the right to promotion, six months before retirement, without this being possible. He also emphasizes that in the event of involvement in this intention, the issue will be brought up for discussion at the MEP.

In a battle position for care

The request to restore the right of civil servants, retired civil servants and their family members will also be discussed at the MEP in medical care from public hospitals, for services not covered by the NHS. The common position of all guilds is that they will not accept unilateral actions to remove assets, without consultations. During the meeting, it was decided that if this right (which was removed by a House amendment to a bill) is not reinstated, the workers will take strong action.

In relation to tax reform, the trade unions they are asking for the tax-free to be increased to €24 thousand and at the same time for the rest of the tax scales to be differentiated.


Source: 24h.com.cy

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