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Prosecutor's opinion on the criminalization of animal feeding by volunteers

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The Party for Animals of Cyprus, with its announcement expresses its surprise at the opinion of the Attorney General, which in essence criminalizes the feeding of animals by volunteers and which shows, as stated that not all parameters regarding welfare were taken into account and animal protection. of the passing of the relevant amendment that they had determined – designated areas for feeding the cats.

“Until today we have not seen this happen in practice. Much worse, the relevant article does NOT oblige the Municipalities and Communities to define feeding areas but simply gives it the possibility: “18A. The competent local authorities may determine special areas for feeding and drinking of stray animals within the municipal or community boundaries of the area where they exercise their powers”. The bottom line has finally been overlooked, since the municipalities and communities were left in the dark, they did not proceed by default to define feeding areas and all the responsibility and effort was left to the volunteers and rescuers, (and they never cooperated harmoniously) who are now in danger of being penalized for their sensitivity towards stray animals”.

At the same time, the party calls on the Attorney General to re-examine his opinion so that “volunteers are not targeted, who have dried up financially as well as on a personal and family level. The Party for the Animals of Cyprus is not going to let the situation derail, it is not going to let any animal die of hunger and thirst because the only concern of some is to implement an opinion which does not express the spirit of the law, condemning the the essence of the innocent animals and why until today the state itself has not taken care of and has not proceeded to create appropriate infrastructure (feeders, etc.) for the care and protection of stray animals”.

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