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Protest in the occupied territories against the complex of the new “presidential”

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Διαμαρτυρ α στα κατεχoμενα εναντια στο συ&gamma κρότημα του νΕου “προεδρικο”

Protest yesterday in the occupied territories against the complex of the new “presidential”

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With passwordsagainst the construction of the new “presidential” building complex, against fascism and the invasion, but also in favor of solidarity and the struggle, the will and identity of the T/k , hundreds of people protested yesterday afternoon about the “presidential”, “parliament”, “national garden” and mosque complex under construction, near the roadblock, in the area of ​​occupied Agios Dometios.

According to the press today, the protest event of the “No to the complex” platform, which is made up of opposition parties, trade unions and NGOs, took place at the roundabout near the area in question, under tight security measures. Avrupa and Jeni Duzen note that most of the protesters were the “policemen” who lined up in front of them and in front of the construction site.

Speaking on behalf of the platform, the spokesperson of the Left Movement, Abdullah Korkmazhan said that the perception, which ignores the democratic structure of the t/k community, “is now confronting us with armed soldiers”. There is a need for more cooperation of democratic forces, he added.

The complex, he continued, is not just a construction, there is a process that affects every person who wants to live freely in the “country”. “The thing is, it's about regime change.” Referring to Fuat Oktay's latest statements in the occupied territories last Thursday, Mr Korkmazhan said that “looking us in the eye he threatened us”.

Source: cyprustimes.com

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