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PSC: Appeals to International Organizations to Condemn Sener Levent in Turkey – Peace and Reconciliation Activist

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The Cyprus Writers' Union (PSC) describes as a “silencing operation” the one-year prison sentence imposed by a Turkish court on the Turkish Cypriot journalist and Director of the Turkish daily “Avroupa”, Sener Levent. In his statements to the Cyprus News Agency (KYPE), the President of the PSC, George Frangos, states that an appeal has already been made to international institutions for the case of the Turkish journalist and that the PSC is on the side of Mr. Levent.

According to Mr. Frangos, as he did in the past in similar cases, so today, the PSC is on the side of Mr. Levent.

The President of the PSC emphasizes that the imposition of a one-year prison sentence by an Ankara Court is an attempt to “abuse the freedom of expression and the press”. “In such a case, the PSC has no dilemmas and stands by Mr. Levent”, points out Mr. Frangos.

Warning that “there is a risk of Mr. Levent being extradited to Turkey”, Mr. Frangos points out that the PSC has launched a series of steps in international organizations. For the case of Mr. Levent, the union appealed to the International and European Federation of Journalists. He also contacted Reporters Without Borders and the OSCE Office for Freedom of the Press.

in the past, as in the case of Mr. Levent, he is in contact with the Turkish Cypriot press union “Basın Sen” and the Turkish Cypriot Union of Journalists.

In addition, the PSC is ready to give its presence to a possible mobilization outside the offices of “Avroupa”.

On the other hand, the Cyprus Writers' Union expresses its full support and solidarity with the re-tested colleague, activist of Peace and the reunion of E/C and T/C in our martyr homeland, in a statement.

As in the past, the PSC notes, and now, together with the Basin Sen press union and the Turkish Cypriot Journalists' Association, they will inform both the International and the European Federation of Journalists about this new negative and reprehensible development. and will seek their support and condemnation. Similar steps will be taken at Reporters Without Borders, as well as at the OSCE Office for Freedom of the Press.

In the person of Sener Levent, every notion of freedom of expression and freedom of the press is being abused, it is noted, and the Cyprus Writers 'Union will be by Sener Levent' s side whenever and wherever necessary.

As mentioned, Journalist Sener Levent was sentenced in absentia by a criminal court in Turkey to one year in prison on charges of insulting Turkish authoritarian leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan. It is recalled that for the same case Levent was tried last year by a so-called “court” in occupied Nicosia, which acquitted him.

“But now there is a real danger that Levent will serve a prison sentence in Turkey. This is in case the Erdogan regime demands its “extradition” to Ankara and the Tatar administration – in any case a subordinate of the Turkish deep state – carries out this order. So the reasons for support, solidarity and support for Sener Levent are now clearly more than ever, “the PSC concludes.

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Sener Levent sentenced to one year in prison by a Turkish court

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Source: politis.com.cy

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