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PtD: Continuation of efforts until the fate of all missing persons is ascertained

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    ΠτΔ: ΣυνΕχεια π ροσπαθιμΕχριρΙβωση τχησλωναγουμνων /></p>
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    The president addressed an appeal to those who know or have information about even one missing person, to submit it immediately to the competent Services, to facilitate the important project of the Commission of Inquiry on Missing Persons

    The effortwill continue until the verification of the fate and the last missing, said the President of the Republic, Nikos Christodoulidis, in his greeting at the event for commemoration of identified Greek heroes of 1974 and 1963-64 and missing professors, entitled “Nobody Forgets, Nobody is Forgotten”, which took place on Thursday evening at the Municipal Theatre, in Nicosia, in the presence of the families of the heroes from Greece.

    Speaking at the event of memory and honor, which was under the auspices of the President of the Republic and co-organized by the office of the Head of Humanitarian Affairs for the Missing and Imprisoned Anna Aristotelous and OELMEK, the President of the Republic said that one of the most tragic, in human terms, aspects of of the Turkish invasion is the humanitarian issue of the undetermined fate of the missing, assuring that the effort will continue until the fate of the last missing person is ascertained, setting the matter as the highest priority.

    The President Christodoulidis stated that fifty years later, the tragic consequencesstill exist, and “No One Forgets, No One Is Forgotten” adding that “in the presence of missing and fallen relatives and especially our brothers from Greece, we express our boundless gratitude, both to the people we honor today and to every single person who he demonstrated unparalleled self-sacrifice, sacrificing his own life for our country”.

    At the same time, he appealed to those who know or possess facts and information. even for a missing person, to submit them immediately to the competent Services, to facilitate the important work of the Investigative Committee on Missing Persons.

    At the same time, he underlined that “the only path for us is progress and peace, the path of continuing every effort to restart the stalksas soon as possible to achieve the desired solution, reunification”. Despite the disappointments, the challenges, “we do not compromise with the occupation”, he said.

    “Our priority is the solution, the reunification, the peace, the security, the well-being of all Cypriots and those legally residing on the island us, and for all this we must together, with seriousness, continue our efforts”, said the President of the Republic, pointing out that anything else, except reunification, does not ensure the interests and the peaceful future of Cypriots, of Cypriot Hellenism in this place.

    “We must get rid of occupation and division, and the only way is to use all available means the further strengthening of our state, our economy, active international diplomacy, of defending the principles of international law and highlighting the additional advantages of Cyprus, tangible and not theoretical” said President Christodoulidis noting that “we are called to create in an anarchic international system”.

    Speaking of the tragic events of 1974, President Christodoulidis, said that the Republic of Cyprus received a double rape that wounded it, divided it, bent it and despite the ongoing illegal efforts to annihilate it, it did not destroy it. On the contrary, he continued, the Cypriot people believed in, highlighted and further strengthened their statehood, the Republic of Cyprus, by constantly making efforts to end the occupation and reunification.

    He expressed the strong conviction “that we have an obligation and duty to talk to our children and the new generation about the black summer of 1974, about all the struggles and sacrifices of those who gave their lives for a better Cyprus, for it to exist today the Republic of Cyprus”.

    He finally pointed out that the sustainability of a possible solutionit goes largely through respect for each person's historical identity and not through self-annihilation.

    Besides, in a greeting at the event, the Head of Humanitarian Issues for the Missing and Imprisoned Anna Aristotelous said that it is “with special appreciation that we welcome to Cyprus the families of the heroes of the ELDYK” and added that “in their person, we will commemorate the sacrifice of their own people and we will honor their families, who for half a century, experienced and are experiencing the pain of loss”.

    He noted that at the event, the sacrifice of the eight heroes of the missing teachers will be honored , of whom the three were identified, “whose relatives are also with us”.

    Mrs. Aristotelous assured that “Cyprus knows first hand what it means to lose one's own people, what pain and misery means” and sent the message “that now the only emotion that should dominate them when they commemorate their people who were lost in the Cyprus tragedy, is that of pride”.

    “The minimum that our State can offer to these people, who turned their camp in Cyprus on the altar of heroes, is not to forget their sacrifice”, he said and added that “Cyprus today honors the heroes of Hellenism who participated in the most bloody and glorious days of the Greek army”.

    He stated that “let their sacrifice be the greatest guarantee for the continuous, uninterrupted support of Greece in Cyprus, which continues to this day, with the same zeal their successors, honoring Cyprus, Greece and our heroes”.

    Mrs. Aristotelous also said that 11 of the 15 honored heroes fell for faith and country during the Turkish invasion, defending the homeland, in the honored camp of ELDYK, in July and August 1974, adding that “with with the burial of the remains of our 15 heroes, we are closing open wounds, of a backlog that was delayed for half a century”.

    He also stated that “the heroic battles of the Eldykarians have been written in golden letters in our history to remind, firstly, that Greece and the Greek soul were and are here, and secondly, it confirmed what Winston Churchill very graphically described during the Greco-Italian war , that from now on we will not say that the Greeks fight like heroes, but that the heroes fight like Greeks”.

    The President of OELMEK Dimitris Taliadoros also addressed the event, who mentioned, among other things, that at the event we also honor “eight Greek Cypriot Secondary Education teachers who in the bitter Summer of 1974 left their classrooms and rushed to the call of their homeland to defend Cypriot freedom”.

    He added that the bones of the three, out of them, have been identified and their names have now been recorded in the list of the heroically fallen”, while “the other five still remain on the painful list of the missing from the Turkish invasion”.

    Mr. Taliadoros wished that it would end soon the drama of these families but also of all the other families of the missing, while stating that “it is the first time in all these 50 years that the Cypriot state, represented by its supreme ruler, honors the fallen and missing Secondary Education teachers who offered everything, what was more valuable they had, their very life”.

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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