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PtD: Cyprus was lucky to find an indefatigable Hierarch

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ΠτΔ: Η Κύπρος ε υτyχησε να βρει Ιεραρχη

In the person of Archbishop Chrysostomos B' Cyprus was fortunate to find an indefatigable Hierarch, whose multifaceted activity highlighted him as one of the most distinguished ecclesiastical figures, but also as an acclaimed spiritual personality internationally, said the President of the Republic, Nikos Anastasiadis, in his funeral speech at the funeral procession of Archbishop Chrysostomos B’, in the Cathedral of Apostle Barnabas.


President Anastasiades said that in the gifted physiognomy of the Archbishop, the coexistence of theological training, authentic inner spirituality was reflected , of morality, decency, prudence and patriotism.

"In his person, Cyprus was fortunate to find an indefatigable Hierarch, whose multifaceted activity highlighted him as one of the most distinguished ecclesiastical figures, but also as an acclaimed spiritual personality internationally. The relevant statements and condolence wishes of leaders of foreign states testify to the truth of the matter”, he added.

The President of the Republic said that “brought up as a child in the bosom of the Church, beginning his priestly career at the historic Monastery of Agios Neophytos, the blessed Archbishop distinguished himself for his deep faith and the special concern he showed for the preservation of the sacred heritage of of apostolic and paternal orthodox faith”.

"Demonstrating, as its minister, special zeal, he connected his action with significant decisions and initiatives, which determined the course and the effective accomplishment of the mission of the Autocephalous Church of Cyprus" , noted.

As he said, "it is sufficiently suggestive of the new era in which he led the Church of Cyprus, a series of reforms through which the administrative and canonical order was restored, with the reconstitution and creation of Metropolises and Bishoprics, the corresponding increase in the members of the Church Synod and the drafting and implementation of a new Charter of the Church”.

He added that "what is equally important is that during his pastoral activity, which coincided with critical events for Orthodoxy,  succeeded, through his firm stance, in preserving intact the independence of the Autocephalous Church of Cyprus, far from any external influence or dependence”.

This, he said, “allowed the Church of Cyprus to have primacy role in the theological and spiritual events at the pan-Orthodox level, but also in promoting the cooperation of religions and cultures on’ good of humanity wintered by problems”.

He noted that “beyond the organization and administration of the Church of Cyprus, anointed at the height of his responsibilities as Primate, he cultivated with particular devotion the spiritual elevation and moral cultivation of the clergy and the people”.

He said that "within these frameworks was the establishment, following his own initiative and following the unanimous decision of the Holy Synod, of the Theological School of the Church of Cyprus. A School of utmost importance, which from its creation has been the center of theological education for our country”. 

Toward this end and his decisive contribution to the construction of dozens of churches, among which is and the emblematic Cathedral where the exodus procession of the same is being held today, President Anastasiades continued.

He also referred to the agreement reached with the State for a dignified living of the holy clergy and to the diligence shown by the Archbishop in safeguarding and saving our cultural heritage.

The fruit of this faith and his own interest was the identification and repatriation of a significant part of stolen religious and other treasures of our occupied homeland, he added.

He said that  the Archbishop "distinguished himself for the prudent and prudent management of the finances and assets of the Church of Cyprus".

“Thanks to his dynamism and determination, he faced in the most successful way the economic crisis that our country faced, as a result of which [dealing with] the autocephaly of the Church of Cyprus and the economic independence was again to his benefit of his flock”, he said.

He said that it is precisely because of this robustness that he has always been a helper and protector of our economically vulnerable and struggling fellow human beings.

He also mentioned that the mere mention of the construction of shelters to solve the students' housing problems is indicative of the charitable bequest left by the blessed Archbishop.

The  President Anastasiades said that during the exercise of his presidential duties “I had the privilege of meeting a Hierarch who was distinguished by the authenticity and uncompromisingness of a rigid patriot, whose main concern was the natural and national survival of Cypriot Hellenism, without ever misrecognizing the rights of our Turkish Cypriot compatriots."

“His desire has always been the peaceful resolution of the Cyprus issue, which would lead to the reunification and liberation of our homeland from the occupying troops, any foreign dependencies and the creation of a state that could function with respect for the human rights of all citizens.” ?, he said.

He added that "I had the honor of meeting a Hierarch who did not hesitate to express his opinion directly, regardless of whether this would displease the interlocutor or part of society".

"It is within these frameworks that an excellent and honest collaboration developed between us, even where there could have been disagreements regarding handling or even decisions. What prevailed in our relations was mutual respect”, he said.

He added that "undoubtedly, the Blessed Archbishop Chrysostomos II,’ succeeding the plurality of his chosen and worthy predecessors on the Archbishop's Throne, being fully aware of his mission, he succeeded in putting his own indelible personal stamp and continuing the centuries-old tradition that wants the Church to be inextricably linked with its physical and national survival of Hellenism of Cyprus”.

“The commitment to the legacy, as well as the continuation of the pace consciously followed by the indefatigable Primate, is the guiding principle and the best guide in the fulfillment of our own debt to our tested homeland”, he said, expressing deep sorrow for the Archbishop's emigration.

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