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PtD: For me one is the option – Stability with Averov

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“I want to emphasize, you are deaf to what is being said and what is being spread. For me, one is the choice. The choice of Averof Neophytos. From today you are called to work in a way that we know. “Only in this way will there be security, stability and continuity of progress”, stressed President Anastasiadis.

Speaking & nbsp; at the DISY conference at the “Eleftheria & nbsp; and after taking stock of his work, the President of the Republic said addressing the world of DISY:

“The forthcoming elections pose a dilemma before the members of DISY and the whole people. We will continue the successful course we have set, or we will choose some who have been adopted by the political forces of the opposition and cause the concern we all have. , is that without the unification and unity of the party, we will face the tragic events of 2003. I want to emphasize, you have turned a deaf ear to what is being said and what is being spread. For me, one is the choice. “as we know it. I urge you to stand by our side. Do not demolish the house you built. Only then will there be security, stability and continuity.”


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The following is the speech of the PD:

Mr. Prime Minister of Greece, dear Kyriakos,

Friend of the President of the European People's Party, Manfred

My dear Stella,

My dear collaborator, competitor President of DISY

Our faction is big and our Cyprus is bigger.

I feel emotion, I feel excitement, I feel proud when I address the leaders and old competitors. Executives and competitors who were at the same starting point, friends and competitors who thickened the ranks of the faction along the way.

In two weeks we celebrate 46 years since the founding of the Democratic Alarm, the great of a party founded by our political father Glafkos Clerides.

The party that put its stamp on the modernization and advancement of our country. led a semi-occupied homeland from isolation to the large European family.

The party that managed the most difficult crises with exemplary and absolute success, maintaining economic and political stability and a sense of security for the citizens.

the then immature political system, a system that wanted us outside power structures.

What I am not allowed to omit, however, is to remind you that since 1981 we have been firmly the leading political force. The power of responsibility, prudence, modern ideological tendencies, without entanglements or dogmas.

The faction that never calculated political cost, for the national good.

That's why the people have trusted us to govern the country for 20 years.

And at this point I want to call on you not to forget that & nbsp; much more today, Glafkos Clerides, the leader who three months ago had annexed Cyprus to Europe, lost the 2003 elections as a result of ambitions that led to a split and loss of power, with all that followed & nbsp; the decade until we took power again.

As a result of the restoration of unity, the prudent and constructive opposition we exercised, the creative positions that we promoted, it was achieved in 2013 with the then leadership of the Democratic Party, the people to give us again the strong mandate of governing the country.

A strong mandate that was renewed in 2018 with only partisan support that of the Democratic Alarm and of course the majority of citizens who recognized that economic stability and growth, labor peace, support for businesses, workers, vulnerable groups, development projects , the modernization of important state structures, was only the result of a decisive and progressive governance.

I want you to be proud of what we have achieved during the years of democratic governance of the country Alarm . Be proud, because we must not forget that when we took power, the country was in the last stage before the bankruptcy.

Cash was limited to the needs of the state for only one The international rating agencies, after 22 downgrades of the Cypriot economy, classified Cyprus in the investment grade “garbage”, and therefore the possibility of government borrowing was zero.

Unemployment had reached 17%, while social groceries were equal to the number of common groceries.

Be proud friends, because thanks to determination, bold decisions of responsibility, with the warm and strong support of the Democratic Alarm, we turned the crisis into an opportunity by achieving:

(α) & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Our exit from the strict monitoring of the memorandum in 2016, much earlier & nbsp; than everyone expected. Do not forget that there were some who talked about a second and third memorandum. We have proven that we are the leaders who can deal with the crisis and meet the responsibility we have taken on.

(b) & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; We brought the country back to the investment level.

(c) & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; We reduced unemployment from 17% to 6%, achieving full-time employment before the pandemic.

(d) & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; We recorded growth rates that reached 4.5% before the pandemic.

(e) & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Thanks to the support measures of our vulnerable fellow citizens, we closed the operation of social grocery stores.

(f) & nbsp; & nbsp; Through a prudent fiscal policy we have achieved balanced budgets and significant primary surpluses, without the & nbsp; any & nbsp; new tax & nbsp; charge.

(g) & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; We have restored the ATA and the & nbsp; mother allowance that was abolished before taking power, which was abolished by those who today seek to restore what they abolished.

(h) & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; We have restored employee welfare funds by 75%.

(i) & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; We have instituted the Pension Fund for New & nbsp; Civil and Semi-Public Sector Employees, who have been deprived of it since 2011.

(ι) & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; We abolished the Extraordinary Contribution of Civil Servants and the Real Estate Tax. Where others imposed taxes we abolished. This was the effort for the country to recover.

Thanks to the consistent fiscal policy, the perfect health system and the strict health protection measures of the population, it was achieved & nbsp; to face again successfully the second great challenge, the unprecedented crisis of the pandemic that struck humanity in 2020.

With the decisions we made we saved lives, we supported the economy , businesses, workers, jobs and of course vulnerable groups.

Suffice it to say that plans to support the economy and protect citizens from pandemic, the state allocated 3.6 billion euros.

Let me also point out that in 2021 growth reached 5.7%. Above the European Union average, while unemployment remained at pre-pandemic levels.

And because my own citation can be considered subjective, let me tell you literally what is recorded in the International Monetary Fund report published on June 1, 2022, regarding the management of the crisis caused by the pandemic:

“Cyprus made a strong recovery in 2021 thanks to the successful management of the pandemic and the significant support of the State… & nbsp; The economy has returned to pre-pandemic levels and unemployment has fallen. “

This is the DISY Government that some are calling for rapid change.

We are called today to face a new global economic crisis as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. to manage the current crisis.

We know the problems that citizens face as a result of inflation and rising prices for vital goods.

We have already announced two packages of 300 million euros and without ignoring the capabilities of the state budget, we will take all the other measures needed to support businesses, employees and especially the vulnerable groups of our fellow citizens.

< p>

I am sure that we would be much more pleased if we adopted the well-deserved proposals of the opposition parties which, if listened to, would give a temporary relief, but would lead to the collapse of what has been achieved through the sacrifices of the citizens. p>

It would be easy eight months before the end of my term & nbsp; likeable answer. However, I want to be clear:

I do not want and will not accept to hand over, especially to my friend Averoff, a state in the state of the state I received. I will not lead the country to bankruptcy thanks to auspicious slogans. This is where leaders are called to take responsibility, to pay political costs, but also to save in the long run the conquests of the people and the well-meaning interest of the country.

We have demonstrated, friends, the determination and sense of responsibility with which we & nbsp; dealt with past crises.

We will deal with this one with the same effectiveness.

I want you to be proud not only of the economic achievements of our government, but also of the adoption of bold structural reforms, thus effectively tackling the timeless pathogens and anchors to which the state has remained stuck in times past.

Be proud that your Government has proceeded with the reconstruction and modernization of the state through a series of reforms, as I just mention:

(α) & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; The amendment of the Constitution so that the five-year term of the respective President is limited to two. And this to stop hegemonic tendencies. To create the conditions for a change of government and not for you to stay, which often leads to arbitrariness.

(b) & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; The creation of 5 State Ministries for a more efficient operation of the state, & nbsp; but equally important, the further promotion of development policies by area of ​​responsibility.

(c) & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; The Local Government Reform that has been the subject of debate for decades.

(d) & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; While within the same framework we are implementing the program for the digital transformation of the country, with expenditures that so far exceed 90 million and for the completion of which expenditures of 350 million Euros have been launched.

(e) & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; The Civil Service Reform, for a more orderly & nbsp; operation of the state, but also to ensure the meritocratic development of competent civil servants.

(f) The introduction of the new, modern and meritocratic Appointment System in Education, with the introduction of examinations, so that there is no Appointment Yearbook and the oldest and not the most capable are appointed. In this way you offer to Education.

Be proud because we have built a welfare state , which really helps the needs of all citizens, but especially those in need of state care and protection.

Be proud because after decades of promises, the DISY Government has implemented the General Health System.

Feel proud that the Democratic Alarm Government has created a strong network to protect those in need by enacting:

(a) & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Minimum Guaranteed Income

(b) & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Ensuring a minimum guaranteed pension so that no retiree lives below the poverty line. Remind me that the single pensioner who has a pension below the poverty line? gets 710 euros while for the couple the minimum is 1210 euros. & nbsp;

Not to mention a host of other measures such as the & nbsp; institutionalization of paternity leave, but also widowhood for men, the extension of maternity leave, which covers and the surrogate mother, the introduction of paternal refugees, the integrated policy framework for people with disabilities, the early retirement of thalassaemics, the creation of shelters for women victims of violence, abused children and people with disabilities.

This is the welfare state that we deliver and I mention only a part.

A vision that would not have come true without the assistance of my late friend and colleague Zeta Aimilianidou.

< p>Be proud that the Government promoted & nbsp; the reform concerning the modernization and the acceleration of the justice system, which I expect to be completed before the summer recess of the Parliament. And this is due solely to the political will of the political parties, especially to the politics of the opposition.

We have created strong institutions to prevent corruption, introducing the horizontal anti-corruption action plan which, among other things, includes 52 actions, including the establishment of the Independent Authority against Corruption, witness protection, the establishment of internal control units, and in order to deal with dirty money, we abolished the anonymity of the real beneficiaries in companies.

There was a lot of noise about corruption. I do not want to comment further. Just ask who was involved in showing Al Jazeera's video, ask lawyers, accountants, ask land developers if and how much the project contributed to the site's economic development. At the same time, however, I do not ignore and I publicly apologized because some people abused gaps and weaknesses. But this did not allow and does not allow anyone to think that by muddying he will gain political points. The results of last year's elections in May gave very clear answers from the people for those who believed that they could be abused or distort facts, in order to benefit through the mudslinging.

History will judge them and the truth will be revealed as evidenced by the investigations that were immediately ordered.

Be proud of the upgrade of the National Guard, which with the recruitment of 3,500 contract hoplites & nbsp; has & nbsp; become a flexible semi-professional army, while reducing the term of our young conscripts to 14 months.

Be proud that we did not ignore the housing needs of young people. Through the policies we have adopted young and disadvantaged people now have equal access to quality & nbsp; and affordable housing.

Nor did we ignore the need to support the people of the countryside and the mountain communities. With specific programs and amounts. In addition, we have designed and implemented the National Strategy for the Development of Mountain Communities, which provides for the implementation of 350 actions with a total budget of 525 million.

Be proud because we have supported a series of projects worth hundreds of millions of Euros, youth and women entrepreneurship and small and medium-sized enterprises.

At the same time we did not fail to help, supporting our farmers and stockbreeders, with sponsorship plans amounting to 750 million Euros or support with compensation in an amount exceeding 150 million Euros.

The dangers that our country is facing did not allow the defense expenditures to be ignored and I want to assure you that I am very satisfied and you should be very proud because through the shielding and deterrence programs of the country, I note, we have significantly strengthened the National Guard. , without wanting to make a specific reference, since you know how sensitive the issue is.

What I want to tell you is that one is to strengthen deterrence due to threats and another is what you are seeking.


We have sought and continue to seek dialogue for a peaceful, sustainable and workable solution. We sought and succeeded in the dialogue and in 2017 we came a little closer to a solution. If we did not achieve this, it was not due to our own responsibilities, but to the responsibilities of Turkey as recorded in the published UN minutes, but also due to the insistence to insist on the anachronistic system of guarantees and maintenance permanently in our homeland of the occupying army. p>

Turkey's intentions are confirmed by the recent announcements of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs where by presenting a number of maps they showed the timeless review attitude of Ankara. I do not want to add anything more than that, but to say that until the last moment of my presence in the presidency I will not stop fighting for our country to be liberated from occupation, to be reunited with full respect for the rights of all Greek Cypriot citizens. and Turkish Cypriots.

We never thought of usurping the rights of our compatriots. Others are usurping the land of our ancestors.

I want to wish the support of Europe, the support of allies and friends to be so determined that we see the behaviors of a neighboring country that unfortunately raises concerns for peace and stability in the region.

I want you to be just as proud, because despite the crises we have faced, since 2015, we are implementing the largest development program ever in the Republic of Cyprus. A program that exceeds five billion Euros. We are talking about the size of the Republic of Cyprus. The five billion for large countries may not mean much, but for the size of the Republic of Cyprus and the economy they are significant amounts.

We have literally turned Cyprus into a large construction site, which is transforming daily cities, rural communities, mountainous areas.

Significant projects that have been planned for decades & nbsp; contribute in this direction, such as the Limassol-Saitta, Paphos-Polis, Nicosia-Paleochori, Astromeriti-Evrychos road, and the Nicosia perimeter highway, & nbsp; whether they are under construction on the verge of bidding.

I felt the need to make a rough, concise report. It will be detailed when the work of the Government by sector for the decade will be presented.

But I would not be honest if I did not admit, and I emphasize, that during the same period, there were mistakes and omissions that we have publicly acknowledged. & Nbsp; And for which we had the courage to resolutely correct.

It's what you should be proud of, because we have never and in no way been distinguished by the arrogance of the infallible. Because we have always been willing to accept constructive criticism, but also to adopt or correct & nbsp; policies that were not compatible with what we wanted and pursued.

Our vision is not limited to today's Cyprus. It is not limited to what we have implemented or are implementing. It extends to a well-thought-out project, with secured funding, with a clear orientation, which, after consultation with the political forces, was approved by the European Commission. A plan that leads the country to the new era.

You are justified in being proud, not only of what we have accomplished, but because through the plan & nbsp; Cyprus – Tomorrow, we leave a legacy that marks the largest reform and development intervention since the founding of the Republic of Cyprus, amounting to more than four billion Euros, not counting the annual expenditures provided in the regular budgets p>

I would be ignorant if I did not recognize that it would never be possible to achieve what my short time allowed me to mention if the Government did not have the creative support of DISY.

I just want to remind you that since 2014 the Government has had a minority in Parliament. The majority of the parties belonged to the & nbsp; opposition.

That is why if we are proud of the work we have done today, it owes not only to the Government, but also to its parliamentary group DISY, with the leading figure of the President of the faction, Averof Neophytos.

A leading figure who, in vital matters, thanks to his leadership talents, managed to achieve consensus and convergence, in order to implement the radical policies that I so proudly mentioned.

Friend Averoff, friends members of the DISY leadership team and members of the DISY Parliamentary Group, thank you for the creative & nbsp; your contribution to our common vision, which became a reality. I feel and I want with my institutional role not to fail to thank the political forces that as a result of the interventions of the leader of the faction agreed and cooperated in order to achieve reforms that otherwise we would not have achieved.

The forthcoming presidential elections pose before the members and friends of DISY, but also of the whole people, an important dilemma:

< p>We will continue the course of development, stability and security of the country, with tried and tested leaders, who can surely ensure the smooth continuation of the successful course we have set, or we will select some who have been adopted by the political forces of the opposition and cause the concern we all have. .

Everyone should be aware that without & nbsp; the mobilization and unity of the party, we will face the tragic phenomena of 2003.

I too I am not prepared to cooperate in this direction. and I want to emphasize and underline it: You have turned a deaf ear to what is being said or deliberately spread. For me one is the choice. The choice of the leader of the faction, my capable and experienced collaborator, Averof Neophytos. I call on you to stand by our side. Do not demolish the house you built. Stand by and support Averof Neophytou. Only in this way will there be security, there will be stability, there will be continuity of prestige.

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