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PTD – Mitsotakis: The position for a form of solution is clear

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PTD - Mitsotakis: The position for a form of solution is clear

The full readiness to participate in the informal five-party conference that the UN Secretary General intends to convene on the Cyprus issue was reaffirmed on Monday by the President of the Republic of Cyprus Nikos Anastasiadis and the Prime Minister of Greece Kyriakos Mitsotakis, while expressing the the intended form of solution.

In statements after their meeting at the Presidential Palace in Nicosia, President Anastasiadis and Prime Minister Mitsotakis called for the abolition of anachronistic guarantees and the withdrawal of Turkish troops, while noting the agreed and binding framework for resolving the Cyprus issue. United States.

“Confirming our absolute readiness to participate in the informal conference that the Secretary General intends to convene, our position was clear regarding the form of solution sought before and above all,” said President Anastasiadis, emphasizing that the solution “can not deviate from the relevant resolutions and decisions of the UN, the Security Council, but of course also of the European principles and values “.

A solution, he continued, which “must definitely include the termination of the anachronistic conditions of guarantees, the presence of occupying troops and above all that should be distinguished by the functionality of the new formation – the evolution – and especially the duration, but also the exclusions of any possible malfunction, which will possibly lead to a collapse “.

“The solution should be based on the work done so far, convergences and so on, so that it can create the prospects of a common, if you will, basis for promoting a meaningful dialogue,” said President Anastasiadis.

He also referred to the need for a creative climate, saying that “a meaningful dialogue can not be expected under conditions of threat or unilateral action or illegal action.” Turkey's contribution is needed to create an appropriate climate, ending any unilateral or illegal actions it has added.

In view of the forthcoming Summits, President Anastasiadis expressed the hope that the EU “will show the required solidarity by supporting the efforts to resolve the Cyprus issue with practical and active involvement in an expected future dialogue on the essence of the Cyprus issue.”

President Anastasiadis also referred to the tripartite cooperation schemes promoted by Cyprus and Greece with countries in the region and said that “in this context we welcomed the holding in the coming days of a regional meeting – and I do not want to make a more extensive report – of countries in the region, Ministers of the area, which prove what I have mentioned above “.

For his part, the Greek Prime Minister said that his visit takes place at a sensitive time for the future of the Cyprus problem. “So I once again assured President Anastasiadis that ending the Turkish occupation and finding a historic, viable, and mutually acceptable solution remains a top priority for Greek foreign policy,” he said.

He added that “both in Athens and in Nicosia we remain committed to UN decisions” which, he said, constitute the only agreed and universally binding framework for a solution. Kyriakos Mitsotakis also referred to the recent decision 2561 of the Security Council, which, as he stated, prefers the bi-zonal bi-zonal bi-communal federation as the only viable solution.

The Greek Prime Minister is paying a one-day working visit to Nicosia for coordination and exchange of views with President Anastasiadis, in view of the five-day conference on the Cyprus issue that is expected to be convened by UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres.

President Anastasiadis and Prime Minister Mitsotakis had a private meeting earlier, followed by extended talks between the delegations of the two countries and will then have a working lunch.

Source: www.philenews.com

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