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PtD: Our aim is the further upgrading of Higher Education

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    The construction of the student residences of the Cyprus University of Technology, was a perennial goal of the State, he noted

    Purposeours is the further upgrading of Higher Education in Cyprus, said the President of the Republic, Nikos Christodoulidis, speaking at the foundation stone laying ceremony for the construction of the student residences< /strong> of the Cyprus University of Technology (TEPAK), which took place on Saturday afternoon at the TEPAK Student Residence Building, in Kato Polemidia.

    “My presence here, together with the Minister of Justice, the Deputy Minister of Shipping, I consider to be practical proof of the strong interest shown by the Government for further upgrading of Higher Education in our country”, said the President of Democracy. “Higher education is one of the seven areas in which we want to invest more. We believe that it can significantly strengthen the economic prospects of our country and beyond”, he added.

    “This interest is expressed in various ways, it is not just declarations, it is not just words, but through actions, through the support provided for building development, ensuring modern technological equipment and meeting the staffing needs of the Higher Education Institutions of our country”, he emphasized.

    The construction of the student residences of the Cyprus University of Technology, was a perennial goal of the State strong>, President Christodoulidis pointed out, adding that “the concerted efforts of the University, in cooperation with the relevant government bodies, especially with the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth and with the Ministry of Finance, and here allow me to welcome the important work done and on the previous Government, contributed to start the implementation of this very large and important project”.

    Of decisive importance, said the President of the Republic, was the loan secured by the European Investment Bank, through which the project will be financed at a rate of approximately 50%, while the remaining amount will be covered by the state budget. “The total amount that will be spent until the completion of the project in April 2027 at the latest, with the creation of infrastructure of a total of 500 beds for university students, is expected to exceed 67 million euros,” he added.

    “We can all perceive the importance and value of the project, the comparative advantages it now offers to TEPAK which will have the possibility to increase the options for its students to live in more student residences”, he noted.

    At the same time, the President of the Republic underlined, “the management of the hostels by the University itself ensures the satisfaction of the real needs of its students”, At the same time, he said that the student hostels enhance socialization and networking between students and of female students, while providing centralized facilities such as computer rooms, internet, gym, study rooms and dining areas.

    “At the same time, the privately owned student residences will also contribute to the realization of the University's goal – another great common goal of both our universities and the State – to attract students from other areas of Cyprus and from abroad, offering a complete educational experience”, he emphasized.

    Today's modest ceremony, said President Christodoulidis, “is proof of dynamic course of the Cyprus University of Technology and the recognition it has received in recent years, succeeding to establish itself as a renowned institution in the field of Higher Education in Cyprus and beyond”.

    “With seven different faculties, dozens of study programs of all levels and thousands of students and graduates, the University has demonstrated significant successes both in the field of research and academic excellence, as well as in the field of social offer. And for me it is no coincidence that it is already included very high in authoritative world-renowned ranking lists, while from 2020 it is a full member of the European University Networks”, he pointed out.

    “These are very important achievements, taking into account the time of operation of TEPAK, both for the University itself and for our country, achievements that strengthen our own effort to making Cyprus an international and regional center for the provision of quality higher education”, said the President of the Republic.

    In the context of this effort, he continued, “we are proceeding after consultation with all the involved bodies to the next steps, with the aim of further upgrading Higher Education in our country, through the improvement of its quality, internationalization, modernization and interconnection with the labor market – this is an issue that concerns us in particular and TEPAK in particular in this area can offer solutions, for the interconnection of our country's economy together with education – as well as by increasing the scholarships provided by the State”.

    The completion of the consultation, noted President Christodoulidis, “will contribute to the improvement of the relevant legislation on which we will rely for the achievement of our goals, a strategy, which will be announced in May by the Minister of Education, a strategy prepared with the contribution of the Ministries of Education, Finance, Interior, Labor and Foreign Affairs”.

    In addition, he stated that the facilities of TEPAK's privately owned student residences “are expected to contribute significantly to the further development of the University and to enable students to achieve their goals and successfully complete their studies”. As he said, “they are also expected to be a space for creation, socialization, exchange of ideas and experiences where the students of the University will not just live in the residences, but will enrich their educational experience and build friendships that will last for always”.

    The President of the Republic assured that the State will stand by every initiative of both TEPAK and the rest of the Higher Education Institutions in Cyprus.

    Addressing the Mayor of Kato Polemidion, he said that the Municipality's request to grant the area under the highway to TEPAK “is viewed positively”.

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    Source: cyprustimes.com

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