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PtD-Soltz: The focus is on the coordination of actions to restart the talks

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ΠτΔ-Σολτσ:Σ&tau ;ο επiκεντρο ο συντονισμoς ενερ&gamma ;ειoν για επανeναρξη των συνομι&lambda ;ιoν

The coordination of the actions that can be taken in the immediate future to restart the talks will be discussed in Berlin with the German Chancellor, the Government Spokesperson said, adding that the President of the Republic will explain in detail his proposal for the appointment of an EU Special Envoy, not excluding an exchange of views on names.

The main goal is the definitive solution based on the UN resolutions, which provide for a bi-zonal, bi-communal federation, noted Konstantinos Letympiotis, answering relevant questions on the sidelines of the RIK's conference on good governance issues.


Asked to comment on yesterday's reports by the UN Special Envoy to Cyprus, Colin Stewart, on the Organization's commitment to work with everyone to resolve the Cyprus issue, Mr. Letymiotis noted the UN's commitment to its own resolutions, which are also considered by the President of the Republic as safety valve and determine the intended form of DDO solution. From the first moment that President Christodoulidis assumed his duties, he said, in this direction he is making every possible effort so that the negotiations can resume and the impasse is lifted. "In this direction, his proposal for a more active and substantial involvement of the EU to be able to strengthen the efforts of the UN" is included.

In this direction, he said, all actions and actions are continuing. of the President and the entire government, saying that the visit the day after tomorrow to Berlin and his meeting with the German Chancellor is also relevant, so that the impasse can be lifted and the talks on the Cyprus issue can be resumed.

In a journalist's remark that after Colin Stewart's recent meeting with the President of the Republic at the Presidential Palace, the Government Spokesperson had talked about a social meeting with the Turkish leader, Mr. Letympiotis said that President Christodoulidis has repeatedly expressed his desire to take place "and we await the positive response. From our side, and from the statements of the President of the Republic, it is clear that there should be this close cooperation, the close relationship between the two leaders, in order to cultivate this positive climate, to which the PtD itself contributes through his statements».

Asked if we are only talking about a social meeting, the Government Spokesperson replied no. "We say that our immediate goal is the resumption of negotiations. What we had said was that there should also be a meeting with a social content, as was the first informal meeting of the PtD (with Mr. Tatar) before he officially assumed his duties. We are talking, he continued, about a meeting with a social content, which does not negate or replace the main goal of resuming negotiations.

"This is the main goal and we hope that immediately after the elections in Turkey, those conditions to be able to resume negotiations».

Invited to comment on the Tatar message to President Christodoulides for the cooperation of “two states” in various areas for the benefit of the "two peoples", Konstantinos Letymiotis said that "the basis of the solution we are discussing, the basis of the solution that will be sustainable, based on the resolutions of the UN Security Council, which are also binding – and she is the one we desire – is the bi-zonal, bi-communal federation”.

We too, he said, wish for a close cooperation in the various sectors mentioned by the Turkish leader, "through the definitive, sustainable solution of the Cyprus problem, on the basis of DDO».

Visit to Berlin

Asked whether President Christodoulidis will go to Berlin with a specific name for his proposal for EU Special Envoy, Mr. Letympiotis said that the PtD has already discussed the basic principles of his proposal with the German Chancellor on the sidelines of the European Council. The day after tomorrow, he said, they will discuss this proposal more extensively and in particular the coordination of actions that can be taken in the immediate future.

There will be an exchange of views, he continued, and it is not excluded “also in terms of the names that the envoy from the EU may be”. They will exchange views, he added, regarding the profile and characteristics, as was done during the meeting with the French President. "What we want and desire, is through this more thorough presentation, the more specific discussion that the PtD will have with the German Chancellor, that the next steps can be identified and coordinated very specifically".

Asked if the government finds the acceptance of the proposal for an EU Special Envoy by European officials, the Government Spokesperson said that from the presentation of this proposal either to the European Council, or to bilateral contacts of the PTO, it becomes “absolutely understandable in terms of benefits” that can provide. Through this proposition everyone we talk to understands that a mutually beneficial state of affairs can occur. Through this proposal, Turkey and our Turkish compatriots, and the EU, but especially Cyprus can benefit.

Yes, we see that there is a positive response, said Mr. Letymiotis. noting that they are focused on the goal that "does not stop and must be the immediate resumption of negotiations, through this proposal the strengthening of the UN, with a view to the final solution of the Cyprus problem".

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