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PtD: Top priority is the need to resolve the Cyprus issue

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    Ï Ðñüåäñïò ôçò Äçìïêñáôßáò ê. Íßêïò ×ñéóôïäïõëßäçò ðáñßóôáôáé óôï ôñéóÜãéï ãéá ôïõò Þñùåò ôçò ÅÏÊÁ 1955-1959 êáé êáôáèÝôåé óôåöÜíé.

    Greeting of the President of the Republic Nikos Christodoulides at the celebration of the anniversary of the beginning of the Liberation Struggle of EOKA 1955-'59 at the “Tassos Papadopoulos- Eleftheria” Stadium

    The need to resolve the Cyprus issue is top priority, said the President of the Republic, Nikos Christodoulidis, addressing the celebration of the anniversary of the beginning of the Liberation Struggle of EOKA 1955-'59, at the “Tassos Papadopoulos” Stadium – Eleftheria”, in Nicosia, on Monday afternoon.

    We bow with gratitude to the greatness of those who gave their lives, were abused, tortured, imprisoned, arrested, or in any way participated in the armed struggle of EOKA in the villages, in the cities, in the mountains, with the sole declared goal of throwing off the British yoke, self-determination and the Union with Greece” , emphasized the President of the Republic.

    “With minimal weapons and rudimentary military training, under the leadership of Archbishop Makarios and General Georgios Grivas Digenis, the Greeks of Cyprus delivered lessons of heroism and they wrote with their blood the newest pages of the Nation's History, next to the epics of 1821 and 1940”, he pointed out.

    Then, President Christodoulidis said that the struggle of EOKA encapsulates the universal and timeless standards of Hellenism. “The Pallaic uprising of April 1st was a rejuvenating movement of historical cleansing and national rebirth, and its rare ethos is recorded in the greatness and individual attitude of life of the famous and anonymous fighters”, he underlined.

    “The EOKA Struggle remains to this day the most brilliant milestone in the history of Cypriot Hellenism for shaking off the colonial yoke and gaining its freedom,” he said. “On today's day, if we really want to honor it, we should not forget the supreme duty for Freedom, for Justice, for Dignity”, he indicated.

    The President also noted that “the political goal of the struggle, the Union with Greece, may not have been achieved, but the struggle led to the end of the colonial yoke and the birth of the independent Republic of Cyprus, the most important thing we have to date”.

    “EOKA's struggle proved that the greatest lesson of History is that united we can achieve any goal. We must never let discord prevail over the undying love for our homeland, which has remained under occupation for 50 years,” President Christodoulidis emphasized. “Therefore, if there is something that we must preserve as the apple of our eye, it is unity and like-mindedness, so that united and strong we can fight to liberate our country and reunite our homeland. This is our sacred duty,” he noted.

    Guided by the principles and values ​​of the European Union, he continued, “we will exhaust every possibility and make use of every hope, in order to create the conditions for the liberation and resolution of the Cyprus problem”. As he said, “with the support of Greece, which remains our most valuable and selfless ally, we are leveraging synergies with our European partners and with third countries in order to achieve our goal”.

    “With an upgraded role in the region, always within the framework of our capabilities, with prestige in the international political and economic arena, the Republic of Cyprus completes in a few days, 20 years of presence in the European family, as a full and equal member”, said the President of the Republic, pointing out that “the principles and values ​​of the European Union remain the guideposts of our course in dealing with the multiple challenges we face, with the need for a resolution of the Cyprus issue being the top priority”.

    In addition, President Christodoulidis expressed the belief that “we have an obligation and duty to speak to our children and the new generation about EOKA, about the struggles and sacrifices of all those who gave their lives for a better Cyprus, about the Republic of Cyprus which we have today”. Something like this, he clarified, “in no way works negatively towards the efforts to resolve the Cyprus issue, since the viability of a potential solution goes largely through the respect of the historical identity of each and certainly not through self-abolition”.

    “We also have a moral obligation and duty to support and maintain our mental faith and endurance,” the President of the Republic underlined. “With unity and like-mindedness, let us stand upright and unchained until the blessed hour of the liberation of our enslaved lands,” he added.

    “With dignity, with reliability, with a composed plan and methodical we work so that our people live and create in conditions of security, peace and prosperity. Our unjust heroes shout it to us from the depths of History. We owe it to our children,” he noted.

    In his own greeting, the Archbishop of Cyprus George, assessing the struggle of EOKA, stated that the struggle of EOKA was the peak of the struggles of Cypriot Hellenism and was comparable to 1821. Referring to the creation of the Republic of Cyprus, the Archbishop noted that ” we were given an incomplete independence,” adding that “we did not show the virtues needed to guard our independence.”

    “We are today facing much more difficult situations,” he said in then the Archbishop, indicating that “we need to be rebaptized in the values ​​of freedom, peace and justice”. As he said, it is our duty not to suffer the flag of the struggle, but also not to compromise with the achievements of the Turkish occupation. “Let's put aside all selfishness and personal interest and work together for the freedom of our country,” he concluded.

    Source: KYPE

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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