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PtD: We are fighting for freedom from the occupation and the Turkish troops

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ΠτΔ: Αγωνιζμ αστε για απαλλαγor απτην κατοχ or και τα τουρκικα στρατεyματα

We are fighting for liberation from the occupation and the Turkish troops, the President of the Republic, Nikos Christodoulidis, said on Sunday in his speech for the anniversary celebration of April 1, 1955, at an event organized by the Kyperountas Church. and which was read by the Minister of Defense, Vassilis Palmas.

“We feel the burden of responsibility towards their sacrifice and struggles”, said President Christodoulidis, referring to the fighters of the national liberation struggle, to add that as a State, “we work every day, persistently and painstakingly to achieve a way out of the impasse, to which the Turkish side brought us and resumption of talks”.

The President added that "we are fighting with all our strength, having as an ally International Law, the European acquis and the UN resolutions, for freedom from the occupation and the Turkish troops, for the liberation and reunification of our homeland”.

Referring to the struggle of EOKA, he said that it was nothing more than the need of an oppressed people to breathe the air of freedom, but also the eternal longing for Union with the national body, while noting that it was the historical continuation of earlier movements and declarations.

He noted that 69 years have passed since the dawn of April 1, 1955, when the Greeks of Cyprus, without preparation and without organizational structures and organized armed units, “dared to raise their heads and take up arms to revolt and claim the much-desired freedom and independence”.

"Today, we honor the heroism of all those fighters, who emerging from the values ​​and ideals of the glorious Greek past, pushed them to stand tall and resist vigorously against a superior opponent, ultimately achieving the sacred purpose of the Struggle. After all, this is an element that characterizes the Greek throughout time: to fight and sacrifice for freedom and justice”, he said.

The President referred to four heroes of the liberation struggle, Andreas Patsalidis, Alekos Konstantinou, Kostas Anaxagorou, and Panagiotis Georgiadis, who were killed on June 20, 1958 in Pitsilia, after a mine exploded, while they were being taught how to handle it. The event, the President said, shocked Cypriot society, which staged popular demonstrations in the days after their deaths.

Source: KYPE

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