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PtD: We are focused on the continuous support of our universities

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    The President of the Republic, Nikos Christodoulidis, attended the graduation ceremony of Frederick University

    As State< /strong> we are focused on the continuous support of our universities, the strengthening of their evolutionary course, the >upgrade and assurance of qualityof their programs and especially their enrichment with new academic subjects related to the labor market and cutting-edge sectors, said the President of the Republic Nikos Christodoulidis, in his greeting during the graduation ceremony of Frederick University, which took place on Tuesday at the Municipal Garden Theater of Limassol.

    Speaking before the graduates, the President of the Republic congratulated the Council, the Rector, the Senate and the entire academic and administrative staff of Frederick University “for their contribution, in addition to their scientific training and achieving their personal, academic goals, for their contribution to the development of society in our country more broadly, but also to the State's goal of upgrading Higher Education in our country”, stressing that “Cyprus can become a regional education center of which we will be proud”.< /p>

    Frederick University, through its special commitment to modern teaching methods, research, academic excellence, as well as the application of the generated knowledge and work for the benefit of society and all citizens, has been recognized among the most important academic institutions of our country and not only, continued the President of the Republic, adding that at the same time, “in the context of quality and innovative study programs and under the guidance of its highly qualified scientific and research staff, Frederick University has achieved significant distinctions, of which the State is entitled to be proud, garnering great awards for its contribution to the advancement of science and technology”.

    He added that in the same context, networking is very importantand the strong synergies of the University with corresponding international institutions and research centers, which, among others, promote the exchange of expertise.

    “For all these reasons, your graduation from this University constitutes for you an important privilege, an important background in relation to either the continuation of your studies or your professional rehabilitation. All of you are now the new generation of scientists, a generation for which we are proud, a generation for which we must do much more, a generation for which we must make you feel in practice that you have more opportunities of those we had when we were in your position”, he said then addressing the graduates.

    “You traveled a difficult path with perseverance and patience, overcoming difficulties, challenges and obstacles. You gained knowledge and experience, you yourself enriched the subject of study you chose to attend through your study and research activity, contributing substantially to the development of your science. You enhanced your critical and innovative thinking, your ingenuity and your creativity. You are capable and able to solve problems, you are now able to face the challenges of modern society and the labor market”, he noted.

    As a State, recognizing the multi-level and diverse contribution of Higher Education in our country, we are focused on the continuous support of our Universities, both private and public, strengthening their evolutionary path, upgrading and ensuring the quality of their programs and especially the enriching them with new subjects related to the labor market and cutting-edge sectors, the President of the Republic then noted.

    He added that an important parameter of this approach, taking into account the goal for graduates to stay in the country, giving further impetus to its progress, is the further upgrading and strengthening of the interconnection framework of our Universities with the labor market. “We want you to stay in our country, we want you to invest your knowledge in our country, we rely on our scientific potential, we have complete confidence in your skills and capabilities,” he emphasized.

    He also described the targeted work that the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth has included in the Recovery and Resilience Plan of the Republic of Cyprus, which, as he said, is already being implemented by the Directorate of Higher Education, as of the utmost importance for achieving this goal.

    In particular, he stated that two national surveys and one European one are running as part of the project, with the aim of collecting information and data, which will be used to match studies with work needs and, consequently, to make decisions that will lead to the design of new policies and new actions, adding that through this reasoning, the Government's goal is to implement a coherent framework through the implementation of a specific strategy for higher education, with the Ministry of Education and four other Ministries, Foreign, Finance, Interior and Labour, to work on its design, and very soon they will proceed to concrete announcements.

    “This strategy, this is our goal, is expected to contribute to the further quality upgrade of Higher Education in our country, through the updating of all relevant legislation, the signing of transnational agreements for the mutual recognition of degrees, the utilization of the scientific potential of our Universities, the encouragement of partnerships and synergies between our Universities and the interconnection of their research activities with the challenges faced by businessesus. There are many things we wish to achieve through the strategy, I am absolutely sure that together through the cooperation with the academic institutions we will achieve it”, he underlined.

    “What I have mentioned shows our clear orientation and our goals to make Cyprus a regional and scientific center. A center in which its academic and student community will produce and utilize important work for the benefit of the local community and beyond. By earning your degree, you have accomplished one of the most important goals you have set so far in your life. Use the knowledge and all the life experiences you have gained. You must continue, in the constantly evolving and changing conditions of the modern era, to conquer new knowledge and put it at the service of the good and the beneficial of everyday life”, was his message to the graduates.

    In closing, President Christodoulidis welcomed the decision of Frederick University to honor the President of the Academy of Athens, Professor Stamatios Krimizis, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus, characterizing this decision as completely appropriate, “not only because it is a a great scientist, a distinguished personality of whom we are proud”, but also for the fact that “in the difficult years after the Turkish invasion of Cyprus, the President of the Academy of Athens led a difficult effort in the US to enlighten about the Cyprus issue, to highlight our problem, but also to proceed with the then unheard of decision of the USA to embargo arms sales to Turkey”. our graduates who are here tonight. As the President of the Republic of Cyprus, I express my gratitude for your timeless contribution to our country's struggle for freedom, justice and liberation”, he concluded.

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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