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Public Hospitals: Voices Continue After Complaints About First Aid Departments

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Public Hospitals: Voices Continue After Complaints About First Aid Departments

There is no end to the problems in public hospitals, with doctors and nurses dealing with OKYPY and OAY, and the Minister of Health being in the role of mediator between the two sides. The meeting that the three sides had on Thursday could be considered anything but constructive, with the dispute continuing. At the center of the discussion is currently the situation that prevails in the first aid departments of public hospitals after the public complaints on the part of the staff. If the measures taken do not work, we will try to find other solutions so that patients can be served in a timely manner in the first aid departments of hospitals, the Minister of Health said yesterday.

The manual

As stated by the head of the department at the Nicosia Hospital, Ioannis Leontiou, the problems of the patients staying in the TAEP, worsened during the summer period. He particularly pointed out the management of clinics and the channeling of patients to clinics, as a result of which patients stay in TAEP for hours. He spoke about the differences between doctors of different specialties and the fact that during the night no radiological examinations are performed, as a result of which a crowd of cases is created in the first aid department. Regarding the manual prepared by OKYPY for the operation of TAEP, he said that there was no consultation for its updating and that this was never given to the nurses. In the coming days, the manual is expected to be discussed with all stakeholders, said a representative of OKYPY, Charalambos Charilaou.

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