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Public prosecutions for private businesses

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Nearly 3,700 civil servants and another 1,300 of the wider public sector, permanent and temporary, were found to be involved in private companies as shareholders, directors or secretaries. In addition to not securing a license, there is a serious issue of tax evasion, but also a conflict of interest in several cases.

The deputies of the Institutions Committee were informed yesterday by a representative of the Audit Service that, after the widespread illegality found, ministries and sub-governmental organizations informed the Audit Service that they have taken or are taking the necessary actions to comply with the relevant legislation, such as the Ministries of Justice. , Legal Service, Judicial Service, Ministry of Tourism. Likewise, semi-governmental organizations. Various municipalities and councils have already started the procedures for conducting an investigation. Under current law, disciplinary action should be taken against employees who did not obtain the required leave.

Fear brings hell

The fact that only under the regime of fear and terror can the levels of discipline be ensured and the application of the laws in this place was confirmed in this case as well. Following the revelation of the illegality by the Audit Service, several employees of the public and wider public sector took steps to alienate the shares they held in order not to be in the dock of the accused.

Police & # 8211 ; Fire Department

As it was said yesterday in the Parliament, in the laws and regulations that govern the operation of the Police and the Fire Brigade, there is no prohibition provision for the members of the two security corps to participate in private companies. That is, they prohibit private employment, but not participation in private companies! The Audit Office requested that the legal gap identified be filled. Stressing, at the same time, that he considers it important to take measures for the implementation of the current legislation.

False statements

Based on yesterday's position of a representative of the Company Registrar, it appears that all these employees of the public and wider public sector who participate without permission in private companies have also committed criminal offenses. In particular, the offenses of making false statements and fraud, as they hid their true status in the files of the participating companies. They falsely stated that they are private employees or even businessmen.

Only 100 approvals

According to the Ministry of Finance, in the last 10 years only 123 applications have been submitted for to obtain the required license, of which 100 were approved. This license is granted by the relevant ministers only in cases where its issuance serves the public interest or when the interest of employees in the company, cooperative or private enterprise , came from hereditary succession and the possession of the shares does not affect and is not incompatible with the performance of their duties.

Source: politis.com.cy

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