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Pullaidis: “I invested 20 million and didn't get a penny, I dried up, I shriveled up, I'm done”

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Rainy positions from Christos Pullaidis to be discussed

ΠουλλαΙδης: «Εβαλα 20 εκατομμ yρια και δεν πorρα γρoσι, στeγνωσα, μ ποψχτισα, τελειωσα»

A full-length press conference was granted by the major shareholder of Anorthosis, Christos Pullaidis, on the occasion of the completion of 10 years of involvement with the public of Anorthosis.

Mr. Pullaidis spoke in a very strong tone, expressing bitterness and complaints about the treatment his family received from some within Anorthosis.

Among other things, he referred to his financial contribution to Anorthosis, throwing insults in many directions. .

24sports was there and brought you everything that was said. The main positions of Mr. Pullaidis:

“If noses have to be broken, let them be. I'm aiming for clarity. Let's say figs figs and boats boats. This is the only way we will find the way we lost. Today I am going to state facts. You will hear me monologue with soul pain, but at the same time with faith and dedication to the cause. In 2010 the Pullaidis family decided to do business in our country. More or less the facts are known with the departure of Savva Kaku. Anorthosis' debt reached around 17.5 million. I did not want to take over as president because I did not live in Cyprus. We found before us 19 appeals to FIFA and a total of 42 cases”.

“I insisted that the major shareholder does not own more than 15%. In the first year, he invested 5.4 million in Anorthosis. The financial situation was pressing. We settled all cases and kept Anorthosis open. We faced the asymmetric threat because we challenged the KOP presidency. When I realized what was happening I decided to leave on November 30, 2016. Andreas Pantelis left a hole of almost 6 million when he left in 2019. 75% of that amount was covered by me.”

“Andreas Santis took over as president and we were led to an agreement. Mr. Santis is fighting day and night to implement the terms of the agreement. In the period 2022-23, the Pullaidis family contributed the amount of 3.4 million euros”.

“Everything that goes wrong is the fault of Pullaidis, and what my family didn't listen to. Members of my family are threatening and every month I will have to transfer 300 thousand euros”

“I am speechless for hours in front of this scene. Passion for supply was a nightmare. Pullaidis ended up a prisoner of Anorthosis. I contributed 20 million euros”.

“Why would anyone come and put their money in a toxic environment? We need to understand this because it is important for an investor. Anorthosis must be guaranteed”.

“We all had the vision of the academy teams being under one roof. An amount of over 120k was paid and that was it. All the works that have been done on the stadium and the training ground, the procedures with the government to secure funds to upgrade the stadium to category 4 have been launched. Already the plans of the upgraded stadium are ready. The urban planning permit was issued and the costing of the project ends in the summer.”

“The company overpaid what it owed to the union and additionally awarded the union 1.8 million which the Pullaidis family does not claim”.

“In 2016 I had proposed a group of 4-5 people and this proposal was rejected by the club. Pantelis came and brought a hole of 6 million”.

“Outrageous falsification of the truth. The estate has its own council”.

“The people of Anorthosis have heard many lies from time to time, they don't know what to believe. I have no personal difference with anyone. I am a man of two chances. The first one was in 2013 and the second one in 2019. I dried up, plumped up, finished”.

“Whoever disturbs Anorthosis will find me in front of him. I demonstrably saved the team twice. Obviously I'm not doing it for Cypriot football, I'm proud of it. We passed the criteria 30 times without any help. I put 20 million in Anorthosis and I didn't get a penny”.

“I have spoken about my own mistakes. I apologized when we lost to Mars and were out of Europe and were out of Europe. I made many mistakes but I worked honestly and for the good of Anorthosis. I will remain on the side of the Andreas Santis administration.”

“For the shares, I am in communication with Mr. Santis, we will soon have good news. They will leave me for life. They took my son at 3:30 in the morning to threaten him, I was in a dilemma should I transfer the money or resign?”

“They said my son did all the transfers. Mercy on this toxicity”.

“If they do to Santi what they did to me, he will fail 100% too”.

On what went wrong in his relationship with Hambula: “Ask this question to Mr. Habullas. I have many documents. We are still paying”.

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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