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Punishment… caress for a trafficker who tried to smuggle immigrants in a caravan!

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Punishment… caress for a trafficker who tried to smuggle immigrants in a caravan!

Trafficker tried to transport his compatriots to Italy in his caravan but was arrested by Coast Guard officials in Greece

A Turkish trafficker was sentenced to seven years in prison, who a year ago tried to transport his compatriots to Italy in his caravan but was arrested by officers of the Greek Navy in Greece.

Last Wednesday, the court was completed in Patras, which imposed the seven-year imprisonment of the accused. However, according to information, he is expected to be released in about six months (!), As he has already built 12 months with ” voluntary work “. The same sources state that he has another six months to work until he is finally released from Korydallos prison where he is being held.

The timeline of the arrest of the trafficker

It all happened on the first day of October last year. The accused, according to a document of the Single-Member Criminal Court of Appeal that we are revealing today, agreed to smuggle immigrants to Italy. As it is pointed out, he tried to transport six Turks, who did not have the necessary documents. He was in the port of Patras and was driving his caravan, where he had hidden the immigrants he was going to transport to Italy . When the officers of the Coast Guard tried to stop the caravan to ask for its details, he maneuvered to avoid them without result. An investigation carried out identified the undocumented immigrants and the trafficker was arrested.

What the trafficker had argued

In October 2020, the perpetrator accepted the accusation of trafficking in his apology to the investigator. He was a resident of Germany and is of Turkish origin. “I accept the commission of the crime, that is, the acceptance of the transfer of the six Turks, but we deny the misdemeanor, that is, the act of disobedience. I came to Greece six days ago from Germany, via Italy and by boat to the port of Patras. All 6 Turks wanted to go to Italy. I have not received any money for their transfer but I have covered all the travel expenses. I started from Germany with about 3,250 euros. The 2000s I found in my possession are my money. I came from Germany in order to pick up a woman suffering from cancer and her 2 children, of Turkish nationality, from a Kurdish camp in Lavrio or somewhere in Athens. The woman was called… “ , the accused had mentioned in his apology, which is presented today by protothema.gr .

He then explained that while he was initially going to transport a woman who had cancer, she did not respond to his messages. When she arrived in Lavrio he tried to contact her without success. Then, as he said in his apology, he contacted his friends from Germany who had told him to pick up the woman. “They told me to contact a man named…, who was inside the camp and was probably the one who arranged everything. We contacted… and four others at a cafeteria near the camp. “Then he told me to take some other people with me but I refused and left,” he said in his apology, stressing that he then went to Athens. The trafficker then said that a friend of his from Germany picked him up again and threatened him, telling him that he had to pick up and transport the persons to Italy, otherwise he would have a problem . “I was told that they had recorded the registration number from my caravan and that if I did not receive them I would have a problem,” he told the investigator at the time.

According to information, the man who was sentenced to 7 years in prison will serve only one and a half years in total, while he is expected to take back the caravan with which he transported the immigrants! “Following the proposal of the Prosecutor, the court treated the accused with leniency, taking into account his sincere attitude, his remorse, the non-repetition of proven similar acts in the past, as well as his exceptional behavior during detention. He is expected to be released in less than 6 months “ , said the defense attorney of the accused, Giannis Glykas. source: protothema.gr RUN and POWER Group: Enhanced Living Experience.

Source: 24h.com.cy

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