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Purchase of the old KEN by D. Geroskipou and start of the procedures for its utilization

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Purchase of the old KEN by D. Geroskipou and start of the procedures for its utilization

The formal procedures regarding the purchase of the old KEN by the Municipality of Geroskipou were completed last Thursday, with the signing of the relevant documents, according to the deputy mayor of Geroskipou Kyriakos Hadjivasilis, who noted that the acquisition of KEN by the Municipality is now considered a fact. the beginning of the procedures for its utilization.

In his statements to KYPE, Mr. Hatzivasilis stated that the purchase of the old KEN was a goal set by the previous municipal council of Geroskipou, noting that it is a huge space, while for its utilization, opinions are expected to be put forward by various stakeholders. , since, as he admitted, there is no absolute “wisdom” from the Municipal Council as to how it should be utilized.

The deputy mayor of Geroskipou said that in this area the future councils will be able to proceed and implement any aspirations and developments arising from the various studies that are already in the attention of the Municipality.

Indicatively, he mentioned that the Local Authority has involved universities, the EBE and various other bodies for submitting opinions, in order to make a proper development that has a reciprocal benefit to society and not just remain an unused space.

Asked about the utilization of the space and in which directions the Municipality of Geroskipou is moving, Mr. Hatzivasilis stated that initially some thoughts were made to move the City Hall of Geroskipou to a part of the old KEN Headquarters so that there is better access to the citizens of Geroskipou , with parking lots and so on.

Personally, he continued, he has set as an idea the hosting of a university school, either private or public, with the appropriate interventions in the buildings, so that, as he said, to create incentive for young people to visit, creating life in the Municipality of Geroskipou.

He said, various thoughts are being made and we will wait for what will be chosen in the end, he added.

Referring to the history of the market, Mr. Hadjivasilis said that after the collapse of Laiki Bank, the space came as an asset to Bank of Cyprus and after successive negotiations, the Municipality of Geroskipou managed to reach an agreement for its acquisition of 2 against the amount of , EUR 5 million.

An amount that they consider, as he said, very satisfactory since the four estimates that had been requested by the Municipality of Geroskipou started from 4 million euros and ended at 6 million euros, came to an end.

Source: politis.com.cy

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