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Putin: We will not attack NATO – If F-16s are given to Ukraine, they will be shot down

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Πούτιν: Δεν θα επιτεθοyμε στο ΝΑΤΟ – Αν δοθοyν F- 16 στην Ουκρανλα, θα καταρρλπτοντ αι

“Of course, if they are used by airports of third countries, they become legitimate targets, wherever they are”, the Russian president stressed

Russia does not plans to attack any NATO country, but if the West offers F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine they will be shot down by Russian forces, the Russian president said late Wednesday Vladimir Putin.

Speaking to Russian air force pilots, Putin said that NATO had expanded eastwards into Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, but Moscow does not plan to attack any country of the Alliance.

“We do not have aggressive aims towards these countries”, stressed the Russian president, according to today's Kremlin announcement.

“The idea that we are going to attack some other country – Poland, the Baltic countries and the Czechs are afraid – is completely stupid. It's just bullshit,” he stressed.

The Kremlin, which accuses the United States of waging war against Russia by supporting Ukraine with money, weapons and intelligence, notes that relations Moscow and Washington have probably never been worse.

Asked about the F-16 fighter jets, which the West has committed to sending to Ukraine, Putin estimated that these will not change the situation in the war. it will not change the situation on the ground,” he noted.

“We will destroy these aircraft as today we destroy tanks, armored vehicles and other equipment including multiple rocket launchers,” he added.

Putin also stated that the F-16s can carry nuclear weapons.

“Of course, if they are used from airports in third countries, they become legitimate targets, wherever they are,” the Russian president emphasized.


Earlier yesterday, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Nmytro Kuleba said that F-16s are expected to arrive in Ukraine in the coming months.

Belgium, Denmark, Norway and the Netherlands are among the countries committed to providing F-16s to Kiev,while a coalition of countries has announced that it will participate in the training of Ukrainian pilots in their use.

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