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PwC Cyprus: Award for its actions concerning the well-being of its people

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PwC Cyprus: Award for its actions concerning the well-being of its people

The 3rd prize in the National Competition of Examples of Good Practice 2021 for safety and health at work of the Department of Labor Inspection was secured by PwC Cyprus. Specifically, the organization was awarded for its candidacy with the title: “Providing holistic wellness services to enhance the physical, emotional, mental and mental health of our staff.” The awards were presented by the General Director of the Ministry of Labor, Welfare and Social Insurance, Mr. Andreas Zachariadis on October 18, 2021 in the framework of the Opening Ceremony of the Week of Occupational Safety and Health 2021.

The award confirms the timeless commitment but also the determination of the organization to put at the core of its actions and operation, its human resources. As part of an innovative global approach of the organization, PwC Cyprus has adopted the pioneering program “Be Well, Work Well”, through which it supports its people and cares for their well-being.

As part of the program, staff members are mentored by nutritionists, while being offered physiotherapy and psychological support services. In addition, the organization supports the creation and operation of, inter alia, groups of various activities such as football, basketball, squash, kung fit, bowling, classic car, outdoor activities, electronic sports and anime.

This year, special emphasis was placed on planning and conducting a number of seminars aimed at educating partners and senior executives of the organization on mental health issues. Through these seminars, PwC Cyprus ensures information, education and commitment to enhance the mental health of its people, with the ultimate goal of preventing and addressing mental health issues in a timely manner. At the same time, specialized seminars are provided that cover a wide range of topics such as the presentation of breathing techniques with Stuart Sandeman (Breathpod) in order to understand the different breathing techniques and how each of them affects the way we feel, think, act and we operate.

The initiative taken this year to provide free subscription to the Headspace application for all staff members was also important, with the cost being fully covered by the organization. It is an application that supports and trains the user in four basic pillars which include meditation, improving the quality of sleep, exercise and concentration in order to reduce stress for a calmer and more balanced daily life.

For the most effective and direct communication with the staff of the organization, a special website was created for internal use exclusively for wellness issues. The staff is informed and sensitized through the specific website for issues of safety, health and wellness such as the provision of advice on issues of mental health, nutrition, ergonomics, rest and recovery and so on.

In all the buildings of the organization are well designed, wellness rooms of good aesthetics which can be used for breastfeeding by breastfeeding mothers, as well as by all the staff to calm down, relax and “escape” for a while from his professional obligations. .

It is worth noting that the services to the organization's staff were not only not terminated during the pandemic, but were adapted to the new conditions and transferred online. In his statements on the occasion of the award, the CEO of the organization, Mr. Eugenios Eugeniou, said that “it is very honorable for us to reward the principles and values that characterize and guide the actions of our organization. Our people are the driving force of our success and our timeless pursuit has been and remains, investing in them through innovative approaches and services. The pandemic has affected the daily lives of all of us and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff members for their commitment and for the diligence with which they continued to perform their duties, in these difficult circumstances that have resulted. of the pandemic “.

Source: www.philenews.com

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