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Questionnaires of the President of EDY for a possible violation of the principle of equality in promotions

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The Chairman of the Public Service Committee, Georgios Papageorgiou, expressed questions regarding possible issues of violation of the principle of equality, speaking before the parliamentary Finance Committee which continued the debate on the proposal of a law by MPs DIKO, EDEK and DIPA, for the amendment of the Evaluation of Candidates for Promotion , Interdepartmental Promotion and First Appointment to the Public Law Service.

In the provisions of the amending proposal, it is proposed, among other things, that the 2023 evaluation, made with the new evaluation system, has a reduced weight of 15 points instead of the 45 provided for in the law for promotion purposes, while it is partially increased to 30 points in 2025 and in 45 units  from 2026 and from there.

"I am not sure if the principle of equality is being violated", said Mr. Papageorgiou speaking before the committee explaining that there will be candidates for promotions who will be evaluated with a weight of 45 points, while after the implementation of the law there will be candidates who will be evaluated with 15 units.

As he said, so far proposals have been submitted for 407 positions regarding the creation of new positions or de-icing that will be done with the existing system. He noted, however, that "there is the possibility that we are talking about groups of candidates".

Saying that the Commission will implement the legislation as it is adopted, Mr. Papageorgiou said that it should be taken into account that the situation could become " ?more disproportionate».

The chairman of the committee, DIKO Member of Parliament, Chrysis Pantelidis, stated that the law proposal was submitted due to complaints regarding the way the new system was implemented. ?, he emphasized.

DISY Member of Parliament Savia Orfanidou asked if the Government and the Ministry of Finance intends to submit any amendment to deal with the issues raised.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Finance said that the Ministry evaluates the data in relation to the regulations that govern the entire evaluation system. He said that in September or October the trade unions will be contacted to consider the objections. He noted that there is intent to amend the regulations but not the law.

A representative of PASYDY reiterated the union's agreement with the proposed law that provides for the staggered application of gravity. He also agreed with the position of the President of the EDY that the remaining weight should not be transferred to the other criteria "because it will become a vicious circle".

Representatives of the Equality, PASYKI and PASYNO unions expressed objections to the distortions. which presents the entire assessment system.

The session also raised an issue about the importance of the university degree for the A2-5-7 scales and whether a relevant amendment should be included in the proposed law.

A representative of the Ministry of Finance stated that there is an intention to file an amendment on the matter in question. He explained that although a university degree is not a required qualification for these positions, a jurisprudence was nevertheless taken into account that required the existence of a university degree to be taken into account. on the part of the government it must be done now.

The President of the EDY observed for his part that the arrangements must be made quickly because "if we let a legislation run then they are created by acquisition".


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