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Questions and answers: Citizens ask, the Ministry of Health answers 19 questions

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Questions and answers: Citizens ask, the Ministry of Health answers 19 questions

Answers to frequently asked questions about what is changing from March 1 in the context of the strategy of lifting the restrictive measures to stop the pandemic based on the decisions of the Council of Ministers on February 25, 2021, is given by the Ministry. Health.

A. Movements:

  1. What time does the travel ban apply?

The curfew is still in effect from 9 pm until 5 am the next day.

  1. Why are you allowed to travel during curfew hours (9pm to 5am the next day)?

The movement of persons during curfews continues to be allowed for the following reasons:

  • for work purposes to and from the workplaces with the presentation of Form A , completed and signed by the employer and which certifies the need to travel during the above hours.
  • for urgent and urgent purposes , ie to go to a medical center or hospital or pharmacy or veterinarian for medical emergencies and to go to the emergency room for people who are unable to self-care or who have to self-protect.
  1. How many times per day will exceptional travel be allowed?

Exceptional travel will be allowed twice a day by sending a text message to 8998 for the cases listed in Form B. People over the age of 65 may use Form B twice daily for their exceptional travel. There are nine (9) categories for exceptional travel by sending SMS.

It is clarified that for the purposes of going to and from work for work purposes the sending of sms is not required, but the employee must present the Form A, signed by his employer.

In addition, for the purposes of transporting a minor or a person with a disability to the school or day care center, a text message from the parents / legal guardians is not required.

  1. What changes in the other categories for SMS use from March 1st?

According to the decisions, the move for the purposes of visiting nursing homes or care structures and hosting vulnerable and vulnerable groups is added to Category 5 .

For travel for individual sports / training purposes in gyms, dance schools and other indoor sports facilities and nature trails , a text message is sent selecting Category 6 .

For citizens to go to organized bazaars in open-air markets , an SMS is sent selecting Category 2 .

To go to visual arts and galleries , you need to send an sms by selecting Category 9 .

All other Categories remain the same.

  1. Is movement between Provinces allowed?

Yes, the movement between the Provinces is allowed provided that the purpose for which the movement falls falls into the Categories of SMS use which as a rule does not exceed three (3) hours.

B. Social gatherings:


  1. Is access to the nature trails of the Department of Forests allowed?

Access to the nature trails of the Department of Forests is allowed only for sports purposes , provided that a text message is sent to 8998 by selecting the number 6 and the reasonable period of three (3) hours is observed.

C. Sports – Sports – Activities:

  1. In which cases is physical exercise / individual exercise allowed?

Physical exercise / individual sport is allowed in places where access is allowed under the applicable Decree. In particular, access is allowed only for the purpose of physical exercise or individual sports in parks, linear parks, nature trails and beaches .

Individuals are entitled to go for physical exercise or individual sport only in the above areas , provided that they send to 8998 SMS by selecting the number 6, observe the corresponding maximum duration of time (3 hours), and exercise together up to two people, excluding minor children.

With regard to parks, linear parks, nature trails and beaches , it is understood that the presence of people there is not allowed for any reason other than sports .

It is emphasized that in any place where people are to play sports, everyone should avoid any socialization with other people who do not live permanently in the same house as them .

  1. Do I need to send sms to go to sports facilities and / or gym, and / or dance school and / or other sports schools for individual training purposes?

Yes, sending sms to go to sports facilities and / or gym and / or dance school and / or other sports schools for individual training purposes, is required by people who play sports, regardless of age . For individual training purposes, an SMS must be sent to 8998 by selecting the number 6.

For minors who do not have a mobile phone, a signed certificate must be submitted by the parent / legal guardian for the transfer of the child to the sports / training area.

  1. Is the operation of indoor sports facilities allowed?

Based on the protocol and instructions to be issued by the Cyprus Sports Organization, the operation of indoor sports facilities of all sports is allowed, taking into account the different sizes of indoor sports venues, as follows:

  • The training will be done only for the purposes of individual training with a personal trainer keeping the distances.
  • Indoor sports halls up to 80 sq.m. the workout will be done with two people including the trainer (one to one).
  • Indoor sports halls over 80 sq.m. and up to 200 sq.m., physical presence of 3 people (1 to 2 athletes).
  • Closed rooms of more than 200 sq.m. physical presence of 5 people (1 to 4 athletes).
  1. What about parents who need to transport their minor children for activity purposes, which is allowed under the Decree?

Parents / legal guardians who transport their minor children for purposes of activity, which is allowed according to the Decree (training, in tutoring centers, educational centers, conservatories, etc.), must provide proof of the date and time of the child's activity , as well as and Form B.

  1. How will conservatories, tutoring centers, training centers and other afternoon classes work?

The operation of the above spaces is done with the physical presence of up to two (2) people, including the teacher , ie one student and one teacher. Excluded from the 1: 1 setting are cases where students are siblings .

For example, if two brothers are taught guitar together in a conservatory, then the lesson is done in the physical presence of the two students and their teacher, subject to personal protection measures.

  1. Is it mandatory to perform a test ( PCR or rapid test )?

The test (PCR or rapid test) is mandatory initially for all employees in companies that reopen from March 1 (conservatories, tuition centers, training centers, gyms, dance schools, sports facilities, etc.).

Then, on a weekly basis , it is mandatory to conduct an examination of employees , as is the case for employees in any company (see question 17).

  1. Are the trainings and the matches of the C 'Category team sports allowed?

Team training and competitions of all C Category team sports are allowed under the conditions that apply to the team championships of Categories A and B, and in accordance with the protocols of KOP and KOA. It is understood that the sanitary protocol is observed, while the use of locker rooms is allowed only on the day of the games. Athletes and team coaching and support staff must undergo a weekly PCR or rapid test .

  1. What applies to the training of the other categories of professional team sports championships?

It is allowed to train the athletes of teams that participate in the professional team sports championships with the participation of a maximum of five (5) people , including the coach / coach (4 + 1), and a maximum of three (3) teams per field facility .

Athletes and team coaching and support staff must undergo a weekly PCR or rapid test .

  1. Who is responsible for overseeing compliance?

The Cyprus Sports Organization and competent Federations are responsible for monitoring the implementation of the measures.

D. Rapid tests :

  1. Who should have a rapid antigen test ?

All employees who are active in companies / industries that reopen from March 1, must undergo a rapid antigen test , before returning to work , either free of charge through the program of the Ministry of Health or privately at their own expense. It is noted that both teachers and school staff who will reopen on March 1st and 8th, must submit a negative result from a rapid test.

In addition, employees in companies / industries must undergo a weekly rapid antigen test as defined in question 17.

  1. How long does the rapid test result have ? Should it be repeated by employees?

The result of the rapid test is valid for seven (7) days, unless in the meantime the person shows symptoms or is characterized by contact and the protocol specified by the Epidemiological Surveillance Unit should be followed.

The employer / company is responsible for coordinating the re-examination of employees, so that at any time and on a weekly basis they have a rapid test in force as defined below:

  • Businesses / services that employ up to 3 people, the audit should be done on all employees.
  • Businesses / services employing from 4 to 10 people, the audit should be done on at least 4 employees.
  • Businesses / services that employ more than 10 people, the audit should be done on at least 4 people or 20% of employees, whichever is greater in number.

E. Culture:

  1. Which branches of culture are reopening from March 1?

From March 1, the visual arts spaces and galleries reopen, in compliance with the health protocols of the Ministry of Health.

F. Education:

  1. How will the reopening take place with the physical presence of the students of the school units?

The reopening of the school units with the physical presence of the students will take place in two phases:

  1. From the 1st of March , the A 'and B' Classes of the public and private Lyceums and Technical Schools reopen, in compliance with the relevant health protocol.
  2. From March 8 , all classes of public and private Gymnasiums are reopened, in compliance with the relevant health protocol.

It is noted that teachers and other school staff must undergo a rapid antigen test before returning to work . The examination with rapid test is mandatory to be repeated on a weekly basis , in accordance with the provisions of the Decree. Testing is recommended for students , however it is optional .

From March 1, they return to the A 'and B' Lyceum schools, the gyms, galleries are reopened, access to nature trails is allowed – Announcements from the Ministry of Health

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Source: politis.com.cy

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