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Queues at gas stations in anticipation of a refund of consumption tax

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Within the next period of time, further increases are expected from the fuel companies due to the small increase in the price of oil in the international markets

Ουρες στα πρατorρ ια ενoψει επιστροφorς του φoρου κα ταναλωσης

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The traffic at gas stations increased on Saturday as well, in view of the end of the measure to reduce the excise tax from Monday, April 1st.

As reported to KYPE by President of the Association of Gas Station Owners, Savvas Prokopiou, in recent days there has been more traffic at the gas stations.

“It's a matter of psychology. Of course, there is more traffic at gas stations. But if someone goes to the gas station now they will just benefit from the 8 cents per liter for one time,” he said.

He noted that with the deduction of the fuel excise tax rebate from April 1 the increase is at 8.3 cents per liter for motor fuel and at 6.4 cents including VAT for heating oil.

At the same time, he said that in the next period of time, further increases are expected from the fuel companies due to the small increase in the price of oil in the international markets. Already, he noted, increases were imposed in the previous days and another increase of 2 to 3 cents is expected, depending on the increases imposed by each company. He also mentioned that the prices before the tax were taken were at slightly lower levels, while now they are at slightly higher levels.

He added that the Association of Storekeepers had recommended to the competent Ministry that a formula be applied, so that if the retail price increases beyond €1.50 per liter, the state can intervene and remove the excise duty, even temporarily. He added that with the price increase, the amount collected by the state from VAT also increases, so the deduction of the special tax could be offset by this amount.

Not to be they change the prices at midnight, the gas station owners ask

At the same time, Mr. Prokopiou expressed the intense discomfort of the gas station owners that the change in fuel prices will take place at 12:00 midnight on a public holiday, which forces the gas station owners to come to their gas stations to make the change.

He noted that gas station owners have only a few days a year to rest and it is practically difficult what is being done, forcing them to go to their gas stations at midnight and on public holidays.

He said they demanded the change be made. from April 2 and at 6 in the morning, when the gas stations open, since many will not be able to go to their gas stations to make the changes due to the three days. He added that they also sent a relevant letter to the Director General of the Ministry of Finance “without a response”.

He noted that for practical reasons the changes should be made either at 6 am the previous day, or at 6 am the following day. next one. He added that from 12:00 midnight to 6:00 a.m. the average gas station sells 100-150 liters and the loss to the state from the tax it would lose would not be particularly large.

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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