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Rain, snow and clouds in the weather menu-Problems on the road network

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Βροχor, χινι κ&alpha ;ι νεφoσεις στο μενού του καιρού- Προβλorματα στο οδικo δκτυο

A cold air mass is affecting the area. The height of the snow in Troodos Square, at the time of issuing the bulletin, was 64 cm.

Today, the weather will be mainly clear in several areas, however temporarily increased clouds that will be observed are expected to give isolated rain or even light snowfall or sleet, mainly in the southwest and mountains. Winds will be mainly northwest to northeast, light to moderate, 3 to 4 Beaufort and locally moderate, 4 Beaufort. The sea will be slightly rough to rough on the western and northern coasts and slightly rough on the eastern and southern coasts. The temperature will rise to around 11 degrees in the interior, around 13 on the coasts and around 2 degrees in the higher mountains. Locally, frost will prevail in the mountains.

Tonight, the weather will be mostly clear, although there will be some partly cloudy skies. Winds will be mainly northwest to northeast, weak, 3 Beaufort and locally up to moderate 3 to 4 Beaufort. The sea on the western coasts will be slightly rough to rough, while on the rest of the coasts it will be slightly rough. The temperature will drop to around minus 1 degrees in the interior, around 3 on the coasts and around minus 6 degrees in the higher mountains. Frost is expected to form in the mountains, in the semi-mountains and in several areas of the interior.

On Thursday,   the weather will be partly cloudy and at times mainly cloudy and isolated rain and snow or sleet are expected in the mountains, mainly in the afternoon. The temperature will fluctuate at the same levels.

On Friday, isolated rain and light snow or sleet in the mountains are likely to fall in some areas. The temperature  will rise slightly, but will remain below climate averages.

On Saturday, isolated showers and snow or sleet are expected in the mountains after noon. Frost is expected in the evening and early morning hours in the mountains, semi-mountains and inland areas.  The temperature will rise slightly, but will remain below climate averages.

Problems on the road network

On the urban road network areas, as well as on the highways, there are no particular problems this morning, Wednesday, February 08. Roadworks are taking place in various areas and may affect traffic. Update the roads where the road works are being carried out HERE.

The Platron-Troodos, Karvouna-Troodos and Prodromos Troodos roads are closed at around 6:00 a.m., in the mountainous Troodos, due to accumulation of snow on the road surface.

They are also closed in the mountainous Machira, due to snowfall and frost, the roads Farmaka-Odou, Odou-Melinis-Oras, Vavatsinias-Lefkara and Agioi Vavatsinias-Vavatsinias.

At the same time, open ONLY for vehicles with four-wheel drive, or for vehicles equipped with anti-skid chains, due to light snowfall and frost on the road surface, are the following roads:



  • Agro – Palechorio – Apliki

Troodos – Limassol – Morphou

  • Saitta – Kato Amiandou
  • Saitta – Platron
  • Moniati – Platron
  • Prodromos – Platron
  • Pera Pedi – Platron
  • < li>Shoes – Agro

  • Kyperounda – Agro
  • Prodromou – Lemythou
  • Pedoula – Prodromou
  • Pedroula – Moutoulla
  • < li>Pedoula – Pinewood – Kakopetrias

  • Kakopetria – Karvounas
  • Kakopetria – Spilion
  • Kambou – Kykkou – Gerakion
  • Kambou – Tsakkistras< /li>


  • Panagias – Statou
  • Panagias – Stavrou Psokas
  • Agiou Nikolaou – Omodos

It is pointed out that due to the prevailing winter conditions, the situation in road network is changing. The public is urged, as before their journeys, to be informed about the condition of the roads through the announcements made public by the Police.

Source: www.reporter.com.cy

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