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Rape case in Thessaloniki: What the toxicologists showed – “It was too late to take the sample”, says the side of 24-year-old Georgia

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According to information cited by Greek media, the toxicological tests of Georgia Bika sent from Switzerland are “clean” of drugs and pharmaceutical substances.

The first information states that in the toxicological examinations of the 24-year-old, neither a drug nor a drug has been detected, while alcohol has been found, but not in a very large amount.

For his part, the 24-year-old's lawyer is waiting for the official translation of the exams.

“Urine can not show us the amount of alcohol. “Only blood tests can show us the amount of alcohol consumed,” said Dimitris Galenteris, the technical advisor of Georgia Bika's family, speaking to T-Live.

What the 24-year-old's side supports

Georgia Bika's side claims – after the announcement of the results of the toxicological tests – that “it was too late to take the sample.

“If the substance stops being in the urine, no machine can prove it,” said Georgia Bika's technical adviser, leaving a “window” for extra action.

In particular, the designated technical advisor will request a sample for new tests. Dimitris Galenteris, a doctor, medical examiner and technical consultant appointed by the 24-year-old's side, typically told ThessToday that a re-examination of the samples and hair will be requested to confirm the result.

“I consider it inappropriate the fact that the samples were sent to Switzerland while there are laboratories in Greece. Let him send a verification sample to a laboratory in Greece. There was no reason to send them to Switzerland. We will ask for a sample and hair, the research is not over. “They think that with half an hour of exams they are finished,” Mr. Galenteris stressed to ThessToday.gr.

In fact, quoting the 24-year-old, he said that “after consuming a quantity of alcohol she began to lose consciousness and when she woke up she had complete amnesia. “All this is not justified by a simple consumption of alcohol, she says and is afraid that she has consumed a toxic substance” noted Mr. Galenteris, adding that “the medical examiner must submit his results to the investigator, who is responsible for the pre-investigation process. . We will get a copy of the results from there “.

The results are decisive

It is noted that according to experts, these results are particularly important, as they are expected to determine the outcome of the case.

“If everything was done in time” the results of the toxicological examinations of 24-year-old G. Bika, may determine the outcome of the case that opened with the complaint that she was raped at a party at a luxury hotel in Thessaloniki, said medical examiner Grigoris Leon before the results became known.

“Let's see when they were sent and at what times, that is, if there were delays by the Swiss,” said Grigoris Leon, noting that all substances have a specific detection time, while the incident was reported on New Year's Eve, according to the 24-year-old's complaint.

As the medical examiner explained, the time of the detection must be in line with the time of the complaint. “First we see if there is a drug in the body and after its concentration, as is the case with alcohol.”

“If we find a substance that disappears from the body much faster than 24 hours, it may have been taken after the incident for other reasons, by the victim, possibly therapeutic,” he added.

It is recalled that a parallel investigation is underway into the offenses of pimping and drug trafficking ordered -after the rape complaint- by the Thessaloniki Prosecutor's Office.

Source: politis.com.cy

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