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“Rapid progress” in Cyprus in internet connectivity says Ferreira

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    «&Gamma ;ρorγορη πρoοδος» στην Κyπρο στη δ&iota ;αδικτυακor συνδεσιμoτητα λeει η Φερeιρα

    “The digital transition in the European Union is still ongoing with some differences between countries. But the signs of convergence are encouraging'

    Cyprus is “making rapid progress” in the field of digital transition, especially in improving connectivity, Cohesion Commissioner Eliza Ferreira said in a video published via X (formerly Twitter) by the Commission's Directorate-General for Structural Reforms. (DG REFORM), on the occasion of the completion of a project to improve the access of Cypriots to broadband internet services within the framework of the Technical Support Instrument (TSI).

    “The digital transition in the European Union is still ongoing with some differences between countries. But the signs of convergence are encouraging,” Ms. Ferreira emphasized.

    “With the support of the European Union, Cyprus is making rapid progress, planning to significantly improve its connectivity, both through fixed and wireless connections,” he added.

    “The reforms, supported by the Technical Support Instrument , help the Member States, first of all all to unlock the dynamics of digital development, but also to develop innovative solutions for businesses and citizens” he pointed out.

    The informative video concerns the completion in 2023 of the project which started in 2021 for the efforts of the Broadband Competence Office (BCO) to promote broadband projects and better access of citizens to affordable and high quality and speed broadband services .

    As an example, the video shows a project at the Primary School in Kampos, Tsakkistra, for better access of students to broadband services, with the teacher at the school, Christiana Christoforou, explaining that it is one of the most remote areas of Cyprus with only four students and a teacher.

    “Upgrading the school's broadband connection to a very high capacity network is very important for us, for our school but also for the village,” said Mrs. Christoforou.

    The Deputy Minister of Innovation, Research and Digital Policy, Nikodimos Damianou, referring to the operation of the Broadband Office “functions as a single point of reference for public investments, cooperation with private investors and the facilitation of administrative procedures for the broadband sector”.

    He added that the Technical Support Mechanism “supported the Deputy Ministry in the preparation of two investment plans for broadband that are included in the Recovery and Resilience Plan of Cyprus”. the Digital Economy and Society Index for 2023, Cyprus is still below the EU average in terms of ultra-fast broadband coverage, the adoption of fast broadband connections, the adoption of ultra-fast broadband connections and the index broadband prices.

    The main objective of the support program was to develop the structure and resources of the Office of Broadband to be able to coordinate and provide guidance to the implementers of such projects in terms of technology, funding opportunities and administrative or regulatory matters.

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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