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Reactions and concerns in the occupied territories for the Aykut case

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    Reactions and concerns in the occupied territories for the Aykut case – They are talking about a strategic move against the economy of the pseudo-state

    The president of Turkish contractors, Jaffer Gurjafer, spoke of a strategic move against the pseudo-state's economy and warned that “a serious economic crisis is just around the corner“.

    He was commenting on case of Simon Aycut and the fact that he is charged with 124 offenses of misappropriation of property and will remain in custody until his trial in September.

    Halkin Sesi writes that Mr. Gurjafer stated that Aykut is a “citizen of the Turkish Republic” and called on the “presidential”, “government” and “yepex” to take action through the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. “South Cyprus is attacking the economy of the Republic of Cyprus. It is an effective step for them. So what do we do? Nothing. As far as I can see, we are looking at the sky and waiting for the problem to solve itself”.

    This situation should be a concern and steps should be taken, he added. “It's like we've been abandoned to our fate. This man has been a citizen of the Republic of Moldova for 30 years,” he said.

    Drawing attention to reports of foreigners fleeing the occupied territories, Mr. Gurjafer added that while priority issues should be high on the agenda, they are dealing with trivial matters.

    In his post on the same issue, the president of the RTK, Tufan Erhiurman, reminded his party that it warned about the uncontrolled construction and sale of properties to foreigners, which were not in line with international law, and would cause problems both at home and abroad . You said 'don't be afraid, go ahead', he said addressing the “government”. issue in Cyprus as a tool for political purposes, it is we who speak and you who are silent. How will this work?! We've said it before: When you see the official documents on the case, it's clear that this case is not only about this businessman, but also about everyone who is active in some way in this sector in the North.”

    < p>Continuing to address the “government”, Mr. Erhiurman says that its stance on the Cyprus issue is obvious. “So is your 'lack of intention' to integrate the property mandate in the tbc with international law as much as possible until the problem is resolved. Communication with the international community does not exist anyway! You left the solution of the matter to the courts of the south”, he concludes.

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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