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Reactions brought to the occupied areas the resolution of the renewal of the term of UNFICYP

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Reactions brought to the occupied areas the resolution of the renewal of the term of UNFICYP

Reactions from Ersin Tatar, Ersan Saner and Thaksin Ertugroulou, of the regime in the occupied territories, provoked the resolution for the renewal of UNFICYP's term of office by the UN Security Council.

The Turkish Cypriot leader, the “prime minister” and the “foreign minister” with written statements in a similar line emphasize the “sovereign equality” reacting to the reference to a federal solution.

Mr Tatar said UNFICYP's renewal resolution contradicted the report on the good services of the UN Secretary-General and referred to contradictory reports such as the federal solution, which he said would not affect its stance.

In the reports of the Secretary General for his good services and UNFICYP, added Ersin Tatar, it was mentioned that the two sides have different positions on the basis of the negotiations and the informal meeting would take place to clarify whether or not there is common ground for to start formal negotiations.

The UN Security Council requested that in addition to the International Atomic Energy Agency's ongoing inspections in Iran, that it monitor Iran's compliance with “the steps required by the IAEA Board”. we have been trapped for years. “

The UN Security Council stressed that the status quo on the island is not sustainable in almost all of its resolutions, said Tatar, “but with its references in the resolution it encourages the Greek leadership, the only one that benefits from it, to makes great efforts to preserve it “.

This also applies to the growing tension that the Greek side is causing in the Eastern Mediterranean region due to its dominant stance, he added, referring to hydrocarbon reserves around the island that everyone accepts as belonging to both sides and saying that this is why the issue “the proposal of the Turkish Cypriot side is still on the table”.

Instead of encouraging the parties that affect security and stability in the region to work together, “he encouraged the Greek Cypriot side, which also wants to delay a possible agreement in a negative direction, and ultimately encourages of intensity “.

According to Ersin Tatar, “unfortunate reports and in favor of maintaining the status quo” are what is said about the enclosed city of Famagusta, claiming that the Turkish side with the opening of the closed Varosi took steps for the whole island and it will proceed the initiative with determination under international law through the “Real Estate Committee”.

After half a century of detailed negotiations on the Cyprus issue where everything has been tested, it is now clear what needs to be done and in the light of these realities, Ersin Tatar proposed a new basis for a realistic and lasting agreement in the logic of win win, adds the announcement of the “presidency” with the comment of the Turkish Cypriot leader on the resolution and reiterates the position on “sovereign equality” of two states that will cooperate with each other.

“Whatever the resolutions say, we will not relinquish the sovereignty and security of our 'state,'” Prime Minister Ersan Saner said in a written statement. Referring to a federal solution, he added, they will not contribute to the fair settlement of the Cyprus problem today and tomorrow, as they did not do yesterday either.

What the UN needs to do, Mr. Saner continued, is to bring to the table the two-state solution model based on sovereign equality. It will be the adoption of such an agreement by the UN, he said, which will lead to an agreement in Cyprus and offer a positive atmosphere in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Moreover, in an announcement of the “foreign minister” it is mentioned that for the renewal of the term of UNFICYP “we expected that the consent of our state would be sought” considering “a serious lack” that this did not happen.

It is imperative that the UN Security Council seek cooperation, diplomacy and dialogue on both sides of the island, which will create mutual dependence and eliminate the deep crisis of confidence, it added.

“We consider it useful to recall that the peacekeeping force is also active in the territories of the TRNC”, as the pseudo-state states, “thanks to the good will and the constructive attitude of our authorities”. They will continue, it is stated, to insist on their just request for a legal arrangement between the UN and their “authorities” so that these activities in their “territories” are carried out on the right basis. In case there is no response to this request, the “foreign minister” reports, they will re-evaluate the goodwill attitude they show in the matter of UNFICYP's activities within the pseudo-state.

In the same, he reiterated the position on a two-state solution model based on sovereign equality and that only negotiations on the basis of sovereign equality can bring some result. And while this is the situation, the “sub” continues, but also ignoring the views of the UN Secretary General, the SA again refers to a solution that has repeatedly proved to be a failure, meaning the federal solution.

The old negotiation procedures are now over, as mentioned, while there is also talk of “unjust embargoes” in which the Turkish Cypriots live due to the non-solution.

He also states that the elimination of the negative course in the Eastern Mediterranean region goes through the cooperation of the e / k side with the equal partners in the natural gas reserves, the T / k.

He speaks of negative developments on land with 223 concrete military outposts / galleries set up by the Greek side along the green line, on the occasion of the pandemic, and which are not mentioned in the resolution, as in the previous one, claiming that thus hiding the dangerous dimension of tension in the dead zone.

The UN, he continued, calls for an increase in trust between the parties, but does not refer to the obstacles that – as he writes – the “Greek administration” has set in the crossings in order to hit the economy of the pseudo-state. The fact that the UN Security Council remained silent on such steps of the e / k side, continued the “sub”, serves the continuation of the e / k leadership such policies.

He believes that the time has come to call on the UN for the necessary steps towards lifting the embargo on the economy, culture, education, sports and similar sectors of the Turkish Cypriots.

He also claims that it is possible for the authorities of the two sides to have direct contact – he refers to a pseudo-state and “e / k administration of southern Cyprus” – on energy issues, military and others, as “equal partners of the island”.

He claims that the reports on restrictions on free movement in the areas of Varosi and Strovilia do not correspond to reality and states that he will give his objections in writing.


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Source: politis.com.cy

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